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"There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find", William Blake meets Thomas Paine. Dramatisation Of the Play. In Lambeth.

In Lambeth (play)

In Lambeth
 is a 1989 play by Jack Shepherd, centred on a meeting between William Blake and Thomas Paine in 1791. Its title quotes from Blake's poem Jerusalem (plate 37, line 14 - "There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find"). It was first performed at the East Dulwich Tavern in London on 12 July 1989.[1][2] and then at the Donmar Warehouse, directed by Shepherd himself and starring Bob Peck as Paine and Michael Maloney as Blake. Peck reprised the role (alongside Mark Rylance as Blake and Lesley Clare O'Neill as Katherine) in an adaptation of the play for television in the BBC TwoEncounters series, which featured similar fictionalized meetings between historical figures. First broadcast on 4 July 1993, it was directed by Sebastian Graham-Jones[3][4] An anniversary tour of the play was produced by the group 'Love and Madness' from February to April 2010, this time starring Shepherd.[5] The play is also being produced at the Sou…

So Whos The Fascist Now, Macron or Le Penn

Ranjan KumaranYesterday at 6:07pm ·  UK press are more sympathetic to Le Pen than Corbyn even though many of their economic policies are the same. Why is no-one discussing this? British media prefer Marine Le Pen to Jeremy Corbyn DESPITE ALMOST IDENTICAL ECONOMIC ARGUMENTS - Financial Eyes LONDONCONVERSATION.COM|BY RANJAN KUMARAN