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"There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find", William Blake meets Thomas Paine. Dramatisation Of the Play. In Lambeth.

In Lambeth (play)

In Lambeth
 is a 1989 play by Jack Shepherd, centred on a meeting between William Blake and Thomas Paine in 1791. Its title quotes from Blake's poem Jerusalem (plate 37, line 14 -
"There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find").
It was first performed at the East Dulwich Tavern in London on 12 July 1989.[1][2] and then at the Donmar Warehouse, directed by Shepherd himself and starring Bob Peck as Paine and Michael Maloney as Blake. Peck reprised the role (alongside Mark Rylance as Blake and Lesley Clare O'Neill as Katherine) in an adaptation of the play for television in the BBC TwoEncounters series, which featured similar fictionalized meetings between historical figures. First broadcast on 4 July 1993, it was directed by Sebastian Graham-Jones[3][4]
An anniversary tour of the play was produced by the group 'Love and Madness' from February to April 2010, this time starring Shepherd.[5] The play is also being produced at the Southwark Playhouse between 10 July and 2 August 2014, directed by Michael Kingsbury and starring Blair Anderson, Melody Grove, Christopher Hunter and Tom Mothersdale.[6]

In Full Uncensored , Full Frontal Nudity.

This Version has the first Scene Deleted.

Documentary Interviewing Blake Biographer. Dr Kathleen Raine

Kathleen Raine

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Kathleen Jessie Raine CBE (14 June 1908 – 6 July 2003) was a British poet, critic and scholar, writing in particular on William BlakeW. B. Yeats and Thomas Taylor. Known for her interest in various forms of spirituality, most prominently Platonism and Neoplatonism, she was a founder member of the Temenos Academy.[1]

Thursday, 27 April 2017

So Whos The Fascist Now, Macron or Le Penn

UK press are more sympathetic to Le Pen than Corbyn even though many of their economic policies are the same.
Why is no-one discussing this?
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Simon Hinds Good point.
Ranjan Kumaran Thanks. Do you think Le Pen's economics will get an airing here?
Ranjan Kumaran After all she is not even being referred to as a fascist.
Ranjan Kumaran And lots of Brexiters like her
Roger Lewis Ranjan, It is not an argument to quote Marine Le Penns estranged father, or indeed the partiality of Murdoch to Donald Trump. Le Penn makes cogent arguments about the damage done to french Economic interests by the Eu and to Globalism, it is arguable that this damage has been worse to France than the UK, the Pound Stirling has been more of a WingMan to the Dollar than the Franc ever was or indeed the Euro . The Euro was identified as a threat by the US and attacked when Iraq was invaded, there is something to be said for pondering the implications of that the evidence will be found in this 2009 article in Foreign affairs.
I place the article in a Context in this Blog.

This was my immediate reaction to Macron.
Nick Torr slight tangent here but just got to ask... in that blog post theres a quote talking about the paris and brussels attacks saying "These two operations were conducted by separate commandos, with the exception of Mohamed Abrini of the British MI6 who participated in both."
Nick Torr Is there any evidence of that?
Roger Lewis Hi Nick yes if you google the name it's in the MSM if you go to the original interview where the quote appears is also there.With respect to the French govt and security services actions thats a deeper question again will elaborate.
Nick Torr The full quote... "As I explain in “Under Our Eyes”, Alain Juppé and François Hollande made secret international commitments that they could not keep. Duped, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sponsored this attack and that of Brussels for which he congratulated himself in advance. These two operations were conducted by separate commandos, with the exception of Mohamed Abrini of the British MI6 who participated in both.
Nick Torr So if I've got this right, Erdogan was blagged by Hollande, so commited two terrorist attacks with support from the MI6??
Ranjan Kumaran I've not read the blogpost but Erdogan seems to do business with everyone
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Chris Newbould Nick Torr It's called tin hat bullshit, mate.
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Roger Lewis Chris Newbould Hello Chris are you going to make an argument or just indulge in a form of political Tourette's syndrome?
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Chris Newbould Oh, now there's a challenge. So you're suggesting I should side with an unashamed fascist simply because some of the economic tenets of National Socialism cross over with the economic tenets of socialism (the clue's in the name), despite the fact the two are culturally and politically polar?

You're right, just tourettes. Moron.
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Roger Lewis Chris , are you saying Thierry Meyssan is a fascist? 

Thierry Meyssan (French: [tjɛʁi mɛsɑ̃]) is a French journalist and political activist.

He is the author of investigations into the extreme right-wing (particularly about the National Front Militias, which are the object of a parliamentary investigation and caused a separation of the extreme right-wing party), as well as into the Catholic Church (Opus Dei, for example).

Meyssan's book 9/11: The Big Lie (L'Effroyable imposture) challenges the official account of events of the September 11 terrorist attacks. In recent times, he published several stories claiming Donald Trump is the victim of a "campaign that has been scientifically organised against the President of the United States", orchestrated by the American administration establishment and the world intelligence community. [1]

It may have escaped your notice that Marine Le Penn is not her father, and To substantiate a claim that she is a Fascist It is for you to produce some evidence. The evidence for Macron being the Fascist is actually rather more abundant.If one uses The definition given by Theodore Roosevelt, see the picture.

This RT report on the Le Penn Macron contest is quite informative perhaps you could watch it and make an argument, which you have still failed to do, Ad Hominem is not a currency I trade in Chris, please try a little harder.
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Chris Newbould Haha! It took you 14 minutes to type that, and that's all you came up with?!

I am well aware of Thierry Henri (look - I'm taking the piss out of you). I'm also well aware of RT, and have written for them on occasion.

I mistakenly thought this was a discussion about the economic and social policies of Jeremy Corbyn and Marine Le Pen (who is, incidentally, an unavowed fascist).

I realise now that I was mistaken, and in fact this is a conversation about conspiracy theories and UFO abductions, something Meyssan wisely avoids.

Seriously, mate, I have spent all day arguing with fucking idiots. I'm having a pint and chilling out.

What do you make of Diana?
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Roger Lewis Chris, your little fit of condescension does not get you home. You have still failed to make an argument or produce any evidence for your claim. If you read the Article and not just the headline you will see that My posts address the claims in the arti...See More
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Chris Newbould My claim? What that conspiracy theories are just that? Is that my claim? I can't think of any claims I've made.
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Roger Lewis Chris , You have claimed that Marine Le Penn is a Fascist something you seem to think is so obvious that no evidence need be produced if such a claim is so open and shut then one would have thought the evidence would flow from your keyboard quite liber...See More
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Chris Newbould I love the way internet discourse considers 'ad hominem' as a get out clause to any flawed argument.
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Roger Lewis Chris Newbould You have not made an argument Chris, you have just been a bit of a dick. Especially not chatting to your friends. I am actually rather jealous not to be having a nice pint with friends somewhere, I´m stuck in the middle of this Forest in Sweden and a Nice Pint of Bitter would be great. Live in the moment , put your phone away.
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Chris Newbould And the climbdown.
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Chris Newbould Oh hurry up. Your wiggly 'this man is typing' dots bore the fuck out of me, and I have 9% battery left.
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Chris Newbould Who is Marianne Le Penn, by the way? Are we on a new conversation?
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Roger Lewis Turn your phone off and have another pint and chat with your mates.
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Chris Newbould OK, so while I have battery - your claim appears to be that half the terrorist attacks perpetrated in Europe lately were the work of Erdogan and M16. Why not back that claim up rather than asking me to back up claims which, to the best of my knowledge, I so far haven't made.

More than the work of one slightly batshit French journalist if possible. If I can make claims about anything, it's that most journalists are batshit, I know a lot, so you'll need at least two, none of whom work for Infowars.
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Roger Lewis Chris, now your seeking to make rules about an argument you have not even engaged in, not making an argument can not constitute dis proving another claim, however witty, funny or clever you feel your banter is. Banter is not an argument, dismissing arguments by branding the Writer as bat shit, moronic or whatever does not disprove their point.
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Chris Newbould You've made a daft argument. I'm asking you to prove it, while indulging in some mild condescension, as you rightly noted. So far you have failed to back up your argument. Since I have made no argument, other than that yours is silly, you are the only one required to back up your argument here.
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Chris Newbould alas, my Mac will sleep soon I'm told, unless I treat it with loving care, or find a plug. There's no plug.
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Roger Lewis Chris Newbould Good I hope you have a nice few pints and Talk with your friends. see Demonisation of FN section. Marine Le Penn is not her father, that is I think a good argument. With respect to The Various Terrorist outrages in France, again you have not made an argument.
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Nick Torr
A serious video: The "unexplainable" collapse of 7…
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Roger Lewis Gansers Book on operation Gladio is also very good Nick.
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Nick Torr That "paper" is written by for 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists, published in a non peer reviewed journal, with a disclaimer at the beginning of the article saying "this isn't our usual science-y stuff but..."
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Nick Torr Sorry ranj, consider your thread well and truly hijacked!
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Roger Lewis Nick If you post a Video and then expect it to be the last word that's a censored thread. Censorship is the worse form of Hijacking.
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Nick Torr So roger, getting slightly back on topic... what i think Chris was asking was where is the proof for the claim that Erdogan and MI6 carried out the attacks in Paris and Brussels?
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Nick Torr Roger what are you talking about? I posted The video because it explains why the building collapsed as it did.
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Roger Lewis Nick Torr The video offers a theory the paper I linked to rejects that theory which is from NIST.
On the Attackers in Paris.
...See More
Belgian and British authorities made a secret…
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Roger Lewis Some Context from Prof. Ganser who features in the video above.
Daniele Ganser and "Strategy of Tension"[edit]

Further information: Strategy of tension
Swiss historian Daniele Ganser in his 2005 book, NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, accused Gladio of trying to influence policies through the means of "false flag" operations and a "strategy of tension". Ganser alleges that on various occasions, stay-behind movements became linked to right-wing terrorism, crime and attempted coups d'état.[8] In NATO's Secret Armies Ganser states that Gladio units closely cooperated with NATO and the CIA and that Gladio in Italy was responsible for terrorist attacks against its own civilian population.[63]
Operation Gladio is the codename for a clandestine North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) "stay-behind" operation in Italy during the Cold War. Its purpose was to prepare for, and implement, armed resistance in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion and conquest. The name Gladio is the Italian form…
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Roger Lewis On Security issues and The Deep State, it is worth looking at Duncan Campbell's Work I have featured much of it which is very heavily censored on the Web in my Blog. The censorship relates to making the links break and also screening from regular security type searches.
Nick Torr Yeah, i read that opetation gladio wiki before - really intetesting actually!
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Nick Torr Anyway last post from me. 
The idea that abrini was a MI6 agent before the attacks comes from the fact he has been cooperating with the security services since, yeah? 
Okay, goodnight.
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Roger Lewis Gladio is an interesting COG (Continuity of Government ) plan there are of course others. The COG operation in Washington appears to be on hold presently pending trumps continued Stepford conversion to the NEOCON plan for a new American Century. The Ba...See More
Roger Lewis Nick Torr No the implication is that he has been an Informant prior to the attacks, Islamist Terrorists are enabled by and funded by certain elements within the CIA and their Black Budgets, Also Finance is directed via the Oil deals between Erdogan's S...See More
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Roger Lewis
was perpetrated on Friday 13 November 2015, when a series of coordinated terrorist attacks…
Roger Lewis
On 22 March 2016, four months after the Mass…
Roger Lewis You May not have seen this film.
9-11 in the Academic Community Unsurprisingly, the level of stupid in the…
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