Hope in renewables. from 2011 no idea whuy I did not post it.

On renewable and sustainable the big lesson from this film is the one about the magnets
for this lesson we need to know about Lanthanides which are the 26th most common element on Earth although they are termed rare earth metals( I am interested in Magnets mainly from my study of Guitar Pickups and a field emerging in pick up technology called Hexaphonics.) Anyway, Lanthanides are essential to the processes of refining crude oil but also in the production of commercial magnets and a whole host of familiar products
If you wonder why lanthanides provide an interesting model for Economics think of Leverage. The isotopes created through lanthanides in processes make a little go a long way. Apparently china has 95% of the world's most desirable lanthanides presently I am still checking this out as I am skeptical that such a common element should be so locally distributed instinctively what I understand about Half Lifes gives me a hunch that that proposition is true only if short-term profit and control of a supply is the objective rather than sustainability.?
If you have time do watch this film. I have not cried in a very long time. I can't in fact remember the last time I did, but this Film made me cry. Probably from hope more than anything else.


I found this film from a link on the War on Want web-site unfortunately as there are so many societal pressures here in the west to take a tribal stance against certain philosophies found in other groupings we tend to listen to the language of those other groupings prejudicially we have an adverserial culture running through all levels of our administration and this stifles creative thought counterintuitively to the notion that creative thought is good it is actually discouraged by the prejudices that are encouraged and so back to motivations and measuring things even the notion of a Half-life is not certain and predictable it is not measurable during a period of transition so perspective becomes incredibly important in measurement of anything.



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