Thursday, 2 February 2017

More Climate censorship. GreenPArty Admin wields the Ban Stick.

Climate Catastrophe Pornographers masquerading as Green Party members and spreading their own ignorant biases, not a good look for free speech and democracy.

Earl Bramley-Howard 10:58am Feb 2 Ok I will remiove you as you clearly cannot take the warnings. My position is supported by the vast majority of 'Climate Scientists' (Steyn is most certainly NOT a climate scientist) There is no ad hominem... I think your entire reason for being in this group is to cause arguments based on climate science denial. I've seen you do it before and warned you before. I see no 'evidence' from you (or Steyn). What I do see is denial dressed up in clever obfuscation and all the smoke and mirrors straw man arguments I've come to expect from so-called 'educated' deniers. You use polemic as the intro and it's down hill from there. Take it elsewhere.
"Insurance firm research reveals steep increase in flash floods and says rise is in line with climate change"

Insurance firm research reveals steep increase in flash floods and says rise is in line with climate change
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Roger Lewis Hi Jem, your climate porn appears on my time line so I will occasionally just chip in with the Climate Science view. You will notice that both sides of the story are presented and that court...See More

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Earl Bramley-Howard if you post climate change denial into this group you will be removed. #admin warning
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Earl Bramley-Howard BTW... Jem has already been removed
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Roger Lewis Earl Bramley-Howard I am looking forward to this forthcoming series in Science of Doom.
´´A couple of common complaints in the blogosphere that I’ve noticed are:...See More

A long time ago, in About this Blog I wrote: Opinions Opinions are often interesting and…
Graham Whatley Jeez they're getting everywhere.
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Earl Bramley-Howard why have you just copy and pasted that againRoger (with minor edit to direct it at me)? That is just trolling. I read it the first time. He is a right wing hack. Calling the OP "climate porn" didn't help either. That is polemical and you offer no "evi...See More
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Roger Lewis Earl Bramley-Howard Earl, Steyn is not a hero of mine but I read people who I disagree with as well as those who I do not. You are of course correct , I should not use inflammatory language and I apologise for that.
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Graham Whatley We can make reasonable estimates as to what will happen given certain temperature changes, because it happened in the geological past during the permian-triassic. A 4 degree rise in temperature means utter calamity.
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Earl Bramley-Howard Roger Lewis Please take you climate change denial elsewhere!! Any more and I will simply remove you from the group for trolling. #admin warning 2

"A 2004 profile of Steyn in the Boston Phoenix described him as “the most toxic right-wing pundit you’ve never heard of” "...See More

Mark Steyn
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Earl Bramley-Howard The co2 is plant food denial meme was debunked nearly a decade ago... it is obvious when someone is trolling because they roll out debunked memes over and over again... it's what deniers do.
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Roger Lewis Earl it is somewhat Ironic that you debunk someone you abhor with the questionable desmog blog of Cook fame.
I do not deny Climate change so what you say regarding taking denial elsewhere does not make sense. If you mean the AGW CO2 Hypothesis denial,...See More

Earl Bramley-Howard Is any of the evidence about Steyn in desmog, incorrect?
I read it... did you?
Your stance is antagonistic to the vast body of scientific evidence.
The co2 is plant food video is over 6 years old... yes it is silly... because the claims by Monckton et al, are utterly ridiculous.
You don't fool me with this "I believe in climate change" position, because it is clearly a set up to denying the evidence about the causes of that change.
I am not going to continue with this discussion... I will simply remove you from the group if it continues.
Final #admin warning.
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Tony Seaman Roger Lewis, your argument surely, is with the insurance companies who, you might think, have been so seriously mistaken. Perhaps you should send your data to them. I would welcome an update on their response to - not your comments, but theirs.
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Roger Lewis The Guardian have reported this and it has been posted as a confirmation of biases towards certain claimed causes. The article is not balanced as it does not mention building on flood plains or the neglect of Dykes and drainage schemes extensively prov...See More

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Tony Seaman As I said, I think you should be dealing with the insurers. Perhaps you could get them to suggest they have been misquoted. We can all read the papers.