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Rise Like Lions, but put the fucking glasses on.

Two Years, A Paradigm Shift in Politics

A big change and paradigm shift ? or, will the reactionaries of neo-liberalism manage to spin the lie machine one more time to allow the bourgeoisie to deny their own mutually assured enslavement.

Roger Lewis shared a memory.3 mins · 
Two years later. The Green Party has been hijacked by a joint leadership which is acting as Neo-Liberal GateKeepers and agitating against the democratic will of both the British and US people. Quite frankly UKIP seem less extreme to me these days that the Green Party. Corbyn is under yet another attack from the neo-liberal wing of the Labour Party and remains between a rock and a hard place. The Lib Dems are as toxic as ever to my own tastes, just not trustworthy and of course neo-liberal by definition.
So the Tories, if they manage to take back the Tory party from the neo liberals, could easily cement their already dominant position demographically through the constituency border changes, by following Trumps common sense Charity begins at home policies. N…

Red Lines, Settled Science, The end of History and entitled Facts. If Truth were subject to Patent Law.

 If  Truth were subject to  Patent Law.

Red Lines, Settled Science, The end of History and entitled Facts.

I did a blog about Boris Johnson at the United Nations General Assembly on the last occasion of the periodic scolding  of both the truth and of Bashar Assad, ( )
Since then the catechism of fake news has developed into a higher art form and as such I have been musing over the idea that, how would Claims made in newspapers or television media look if they were subject to the same rigors as claiming a patent over an invention, or innovation, what would the patent clerk turned truth clerk make of it all when he looked at his in-tray (inbox) of the hopeful claimants to a unique claim to some previously unasserted or unknown truth. We are further asked to bow to expert opinion, what constitutes an expert these days? Further how much better is an experts opinion than any other opinion where t…

Watching the watchers, Deniers denying denial doing as denial does? CLimate Catastrophe Porn! Not safe for snowflakes.

Glyn Goodwin shared a link.December 9, 2016 Sighs... just 17% worse that you thought... The Earth Itself Is Now Accelerating The Demise Of The Human Species You read that right. The Earth is now going to help us kill ourselves. In a massive new study published Wednesday in the influential journal Nature, no less than 50… DAILYKOS.COM LikeShow more reactions Comment