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Ode to The 2016 Presidential Brawl. Manufacturing Consent and All of that Media Stuff.

Manufacturing Consent and All of that Media Stuff.Ode to The 2016 Presidential Brawl.

The final Stretch to Curtain Call A chance to vote near one and all Calls to Mark patriotic expression excepting Jim Crows voter suppresion.
Small Voices query the marked ill Temper Between a wicked Witch and Orange emperor as pungent odours assault every Nose our inner child sees both have no clothes.
Where shall we? some truth to seek, Citizen Journalists or Wiki Leak whilst storied anchors salivate A Chorus of Media Angels agitate. 
Shrill Alto´s harmonise & Yield to Plaintiff tones.  The Soloists Look on waiting feared unknowns  Allegations, accusations swinging blows  'Until The Fat Lady Sings´´no-one Knows.
Roger G Lewis 2016

Thrown into the crucible of great office who will stand up to the tests and the temptations Best .
Lessons we may learn from the Magic Flute.

''In the opera the Queen of the Night persuades Prince Tamino to rescue her daughter Pamina from captivity under the high priest Sar…

Assange Live to COnference 26thOctober 2016.

Julian speaks to a computer conference in Argentinha Via Telephone.

Interesting comments on the efforts to neuter Freedom of the Press.

There is interference on the line for much of the talk but it is worth listening too.

Published on 27 Oct 2016 Julian Assange is back... internetless from the US demand on the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK.. but back in the fray of things!

He's Alive 10/27: CategoryNews & Politics LicenceStandard You Tube

I made a copy and posted top my own You Tube channel to get the message out as wide as possible.

The Biggest FU, Jeremy Corbyn, for " Many Not The Few" adaptation of Blog From Oct 2016, Michael Moore In Trumpland, The **HanginChaddow*

The Biggest FU, Jeremy Corbyn, for " Many Not The Few" adaptation of Blog From Oct 2016,  Michael Moore In Trumpland, The **HanginChaddow* Our Democratic process is a peaceful and old one and I wish peace and happiness to all and advocate political and peaceful means for resolving all issues.
Michael Moore made a Speech before the US Election last year explaining why people would vote for Donald Trump. He could have made the same speech about Bernie Sanders but the Democrat Establishment wanted Hilary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has striking similarities to Theresa May, with a Long Track Record which is a Cupboard out of Which Skeletons continue to fall. I did a Blog about that Speech, this Video is an adaptation of Michael Moores Words for the Story of Mr Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy the people's Candidate for the Many and not the Few.

The Elites of the British Establishment …

Hangin SCADS (Fake News Memory Hole Update) Listen to Aunty BBC Fake News Alerts

When Aunty calls it fake news we must pay attention.

This Story on BBC today I found Intriguing as only last week I came across a Site which gave me a dangerous un-secure message, I have not had one for ages, I have had more recently researching the Memory Hole aspects of Google Algorithms and Main Stream Media Narratives, Which I did my Chilcott Report where did it go what the F ##" post.
For my American Readers in the US, the Chilcott report was an investigation into Tony Blairs Government and the sexed up WMD dossier, lying to Parliament and the legality of the Iraq Invasion.

So this today caught my attention.

BBC Trending
Sandy Hook to Trump: 'Help us stop conspiracy theorists'By Mike WendlingBBC Trending, Sandy Hook