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Bitcoin 'creator': 'I want to be left alone', Crypto Currencies vis Blockchain , Money Unit of Account? Store of Value vis Means of Exchange,

You heard about Crypto Currencies,

See Large bitcoin-infographic

Thats really cool, can they do anything else?

 Dr Craig Smith Says in the infamous video here, That Fourth and fourth like languages actually do loop and have dual stack architecture. ''Everything we are talking about in derived form contracts can actually be done in the Bitcoin protocol´´. @5'24 ´´

Update Dr Craig Wirght confirms his pseudonym

Dr Craig Smith refers to Ethereum in passing whilst making the point that thinking of Bitcoin as a mere currency is thinking to small. Seperating Bitcoin from Bitcoin Protocol is a leap in imagination similar to abstarcting the conflicting roles of Money as Store of Value or Means of Exchange from its index function as Unit of account. Peer Coin and Nu Bits provide resolution of these conflicts of roles for money as it is used for different functions.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof - Dr. Craig Wright Blog: Yesterday, Andreas Antonopoulos posted a fantas…

Ethereum, The prescient augur of exchange.

CLICK TO GO TO ETHEREUM HOME PAGEEthereum, The prescient augur of exchange.

Bitcoin has opened the eyes of the world to the inefficiencies of the Banking System. PayPal did something similar before hand and Online banking has been with us for a while. But I am excited about something which is much, much, more than just making transfers of money or on line payments. Bitcoin was conceived as more than just a Crypto Currency it is built on Block Chain Technology and at its heart there  is a vast potential for  independent verification of ownership systems. As a currency Bitcoin tokens in the possession of the customer are confirmed and then the transfer of the tokens value is made in return for ownership of whatever the Bitcoin owner exchanges the token say, A coffee, a Massage , unblocking a toilet perhaps and so on . When you sell a house or some shares the solicitor or the stockbroker confirm that the House is owned by you or, the shares are registered in your name. The change of owne…

Trump may not be for sale, but Is he already owned by Wall Street?

''Only takes one tree, to make a thousand matches
Only takes one match, to burn a thousand trees''

Stereo Phonics. A Thousand Trees.
Can Trump Be Bought, Or is he already owned?
They say that people in glass houses should not throw stones. Perhaps Mr Donald trump or more importantly those who would vote for him should bear this in mind. Trump is ´´Rich´´not wealthy or well off or small town rich but New York Gliterati Rich, A swell a Dandy a Billionaire , don-cha know , ya better b´lievit. Trump sits on the Lapel of Manhattan like a crocodile on the chest of a Lacoste Sweater. Trump is a brand and no one believes in the value of the brand more than a Trump the lesser sions the Trump; minors, juniors and ms´s. But the biggest believer of all is the Donald, Grand Master Trump, Real Estate Mogul.
A 92 page submission of Trumps business interests was required in disclosure to declare candidacy for the US Presidential Race. Reality TV for the political Class acquired it…

The Revolution Will not be televised. Feel the Bern

The Revolution Will not be televised. Feel the Bern

I was blown away by the appearance of Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matters on Democracy now yesterday following the Sanders win in the Michigan Primary. Professor Abdullah made a persuasive case for those interested in real change in the US not to become over invested in a democratic (sic) process simply not designed as democratic in the sense of By the people for the people. The process is corrupt how ever hard Sanders or in a charitable case Clinton and even Trump push back against. Its wider than that and the African American viewpoint is not something as A white Male expatriate white British Male in Sweden could ever understand let alone articulate so Reading Professors work as I have Dr Cornell Wests ( Race Matters for instance) will provide me something of a shadow in the Allegory of the Cave. Cornell West inspired my Track Blues Man in the life of the mind. and when Pr…

Brexit Smexit, Why we should all be feelin the bern and the UK referendum on EU is of no consequence in or out.

Brexit Smexit, Why we should all be feelin the bern and the UK referendum on EU is of no consequence in or out.Bernie Sanders won in Michigan  how many UKIP supporters that want out and how many SNP and Plaid Cymru supporters who want in,  realise the significance of that?Whilst several months of media navel gazing and media scaremongering will enthrall the British Chattering classes until the June date. Whilst until June the European and British Political elite would have us all believe there was and is a lot still at stake. Please consider the Atlantic horizon and not that of the English Channel we are in the age of Aircraft Carrier groups and not Longboats.Witness Mark Carney and his speech conjuring ´úneasy markets'', look back at the cliffhanger of Cameron negotiating through the night, waving his version of ´´Peace in our Time'' . Neo Liberalisms version of appeasing rapacious Globalism. ´Give me a Break´!It'´s not called the Washington Consensus for nothing …