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Overlooked and Unelected. A poem for the unappreciated.

Overlooked and unelected.
Neil Mc Alister.
When I was nine a lickspittle Beckenbauer Dreams of footie triumph were mine commander of the middle of the field creator of the long through ball behind the front three tasked to sweep On team selection Day unselected my best friend was listed Star centre-forward I went home to weep I still Loved my friend and wanted my team-mates to triumph I mourned my own loss but still cheered on and longed for my chance.
Richard Green.
When I was 12 and in Big School a team of 11 became 15 and the ball was a different shape. I was on the team I found my Game and dreamt of leadership The team elected its new captain there. I was not their elected leader my best friend was I voted for my best friend he voted for me I loved my friend and served as his lieutenant it was still hard to swallow but I didn´t cry.
Radley College.
We made the County Finals several years later We were soundly beaten in the semis Radley College against our comprehensive Motely Crew. K…

Exerpt from The Conquest of Dough. by Roger G Lewis

Is Brexit a Lifeboat or a Deckchair?

Is Brexit a Lifeboat or a Deckchair?

The World Economy is in trouble, it is based upon an exponential growth in Debt. The EU is unable to cope with this reality, The UK is unable to cope with this reality, The USA , Japan, Russia, China etc and so forth. In or out the UK face the same problems that everyone else does. The EURO is not serving the EU well and will continue to strangle the so Called PIIGS, The periphery of Europe is suffocating when the oxygen of net interest flows to the centre, Largely to Germany, this can not be sustained indefinitely, indeed the system is kept on life support by QE.

The Tories are of course doing more QE for Stirling, this would be happening Brexit vote or no Brexit vote.

The BRICS are trying to get an alternative international trade settlements system in place, Debt based banking works with double entry book keeping, Central banks effectively keep the centralised accounts.The BRICS effectively want new auditors and new auditing rules.

What the amusin…

Climate Change .AGW and all points from Activism to Skepticism.

I have produced this PDF of notes as preparation for making a children's book to help my children understand science and the scientific method.

Some of my recent posts here on this blog have been responses to what I sensed as a sort of guilt by association people felt if in the presence of a ´´Denier´, that suspected denier being yours truly.
 The Mc Carthyism aspects and the ad hominem discourse on this important question have been troubling  me for some time. Scepticism does not change the truth of any proposition, Scepticism is an important ingredient in the scientific method. The 97% consensus regarding ´Climate Science´, the part of the ´Science ´which is purported to be ´Settled´are really all rather vague and ill-defined terms which I find a little confusing. On Scepticism when asked 10 out of 10 scientists would confirm that they prefer it.

So in the spirit of having nothing to fear but fear itse…

Perplexity, Divergent Problems, Philisophical loose ends.

Frustrated by the polarisation of both Public , Popular , Scientific and Professional Discourse I have been seeking out some guidance from two old Sensai, or guides, Maimonides and E F Schumacher, there are others. I am particularly fond of re consulting Bateson's, an ecology of mind in times of frustrated perplexity, when people I know to be caring , intelligent and respectful people simply talk past, at, and in ignorance of the same qualities they possess,  being present in the object of what can only be called their fury.
I hope these references might also assist other readers who occasionally wash up on these shores, to find patience and understanding in their own as well as with other people's tempers. Always read the comments, as Maimonides says a golden apple may be wrapped in Siver filigree.'

This popped up on my facebook memories feed, all very synchronicity.

Roger LewisNovember 18, 2015 · 
Having a good read of this…

Re-framing the War on Carbon. The Carbon Surplus Question?

On Global Warming and the War on Carbon , or what I would re-frame as the Carbon Surplus Problem. The Carbon Surplus Problem is a subject I am just writing a kids book about for helping my Children understand the Carbon Cycle. I will enumerate a framework of reference for the re-framing of the Carbon Surplus problem as an alternative to the War on Carbon position presently in vogue, (surprisingly, to me, also in Green Circles). Those framework headings are Scientific, Political, Economic & stakeholder representation.
Scientific questions should be the easiest to broach as science is objective, one could not argue with that proposition surely? Sadly, the human relationships aspects of science turn out to be as fraught with status based psychology as any other field of human endeavour, cognisant of this I would recommend this excellent slide collection from Anand Gnanadesikan.…

On Climate heresies, Witchhunts and Civil Discourse.Donald Trumps Climate Beliefs?#MAGA Make science Great again.

On Climate heresies, Witchhunts and Civil Discourse.

“A fire, a fire is burning! I hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy face! And it is my face, and yours, Danforth! For them that quail to bring men out of ignorance, as I have quailed, and as you quail now when you know in all your black hearts that this be fraud – God damns our kind especially, and we will burn, we will burn together!”
― Arthur Miller, The Crucible

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Yn anffodus, mae America 'di dewis Opsiwn 2
Looks like America prefers Option 2 Unfortunately, America's choice option 2
Looks like America prefers Option 2

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