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H2Opec The New Voice of the solarpowered drinking water revolution

The Waterstillar WaterDollar. Stop Press . PRESS RELEASE.

The new California Gold Rush. 

Water the new Oil? Stop!

'H2Opec' is the new voice of the Solar powered drinking revolution.
Origin(from Wikipedia)

In an effort to prop up the value of the dollar, Waterstillar has negotiated a deal with California so that in exchange for Pure distilled Drinking Water . California will denominate all future water purchases in Waterstillar Water dollars. Subsequently, the other US states and other World leaders are expected to agree to similar deals thus ensuring a global demand for Waterstillar Water dollars and allowing the Danish parent company Aquadania to export Waterstillar works production globally. Since these Waterstillar waterdollars do not circulate within the FIAT money Paradigm and thus are not part of the normal money supply, economists feel that another term is necessary to describe the Water stillar WaterDollars received by bottled water importing countries, (H2OPEC) in exchange for clean drinking water on tap, so the term Waterstillar Water dollars was coined by Roger Lewis Waterstillars director of Global Sales and Marketing

Because the United States was the largest producer and consumer of bottled drinking water in the world, the world water market had been priced in Waterstillar Water Dollars since the end of October 2015. International bottled water prices were based on discounts or premiums relative to that for Water sold in 5 gallon bottles by Walmart Sacramento California.[1] But, although bottled water sales prior to october 2015 were denominated in U.S. dollars, nothing precluded settlement in the new Waterstillar water dollar currency.

Waterstillar Waterdollars are presently priced in California at 12 cents a litre half the previous prevailing Wallmart spot rate of 23 cents a litre.(1)

In October 2015, (H2OPEC) declared an water embargo in response to the United States' and Western Europe's support of the production and export of branded bottled water worldwide the reasons for this ethical stance was well explained in the excellent film available on line , The story of Bottled water.

Welcome to the Solar powered drinking water revolution.

Press Release Ends.
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DK-2970 Hørsholm

We thank Wikipedia.

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