Monday, 28 September 2015


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Imagine pure water designed by Danes, delivered like power from Solar City, in California?.We did! ‪#WaterStillar©

@SolarCity Pure water made by Danes, delivered like power from Solar City, in California?.New @ !#WaterStillar #solarpowereddrinkingwater
@eluxemagazine  Imagine pure  solar water system , delivered like PV power from Solar City, in California?.We did! #WaterStillar©

#WaterStillar© Patented process

#WaterStillar©Tom Juul Andersen

#WaterStillar©tja holdings



Thursday, 24 September 2015

Solar Powered Drinking Water; Pure Fresh Drinking Water from any Source, even polluted! anywhere in the world! Emission Free!!!

Please take a moment to consider our fully serviced solar powered Drinking Water.We offer a metered supply invoiced on line quarterly there are no capital costs to the customer up front for the Water production unit,there is a Quaterly on line invoicing system and the price is cheaper both environmentally and in monetary cost terms as well,
Our water dispensers dispense pure chilled drinking water that is purified by the sun on site.

  •   WaterStillar © We take any water source (sea water, brackish , brown water) & with our Multi effect evaporation/condensation process deliver pure Drinking water
  • WaterStillar © Without the downsides associated with bottled water production and       distribution or Reverse Osmosis filtering systems.
  •    WaterStillar ©100% Solar Powered Drinking water.100%  emission free and 0% chemicals
  •     WaterStillar © no up front Capital cost, we are a utility supply company. Cheaper than contract serviced bottled water supply and Greener than filtered.
  •    WaterStillar © 100% fully serviced and maintained no hassle service

We have 80 WaterStillar © Works systems awaiting dispatch from our Copenhagen and Mexico City  Warehouses for immediate dispatch to our commercial partners, that will produce 60,000 liters of fresh clean solar powered water a day. If you know of anyone who would like to know more or would like to  join our Sustainable solar powered drinking water revolution either commercially or from the NGO sector  Please e mail me and I will make sure they receive a phone call and the information they need.
Yours Sustain-ably
Roger G Lewis
Director Global Sales and Marketing.

AquaDania a/s

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DK-2970 Hørsholm

Land Line 0431 455416 ( Sweden 0046 )Home.

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