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H2Opec The New Voice of the solarpowered drinking water revolution

The Waterstillar WaterDollar. Stop Press . PRESS RELEASE. The new California Gold Rush.  Water the new Oil? Stop!'H2Opec' is the new voice of the Solar powered drinking revolution. Origin(from Wikipedia)

In an effort to prop up the value of the dollar, Waterstillar has negotiated a deal with California so that in exchange for Pure distilled Drinking Water . California will denominate all future water purchases in Waterstillar Water dollars. Subsequently, the other US states and other World leaders are expected to agree to similar deals thus ensuring a global demand for Waterstillar Water dollars and allowing the Danish parent company Aquadania to export Waterstillar works production globally. Since these Waterstillar waterdollars do not circulate within the FIAT money Paradigm and thus are not part of the normal money supply, economists feel that another term is necessary to describe the Water stillar WaterDollars received by bottled water importing countries, (H2OPEC) in exchan…
@solarcity drinking water designed by Danes in California? Imagine drinking water delivered like power from Solar City. we did!#solarstillar — WATERSTILLAR (@WaterStillaRog) September 25, 2015

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Let Me Google that for you. Click here , Let Me Google something awesome for you! — WATERSTILLAR (@WaterStillaRog) September 28, 2015©process #WaterStillar©Patent #WaterStillar©TJA#WaterStillar©#WaterStillarRog©#WaterStillarRog — WATERSTILLAR (@WaterStillaRog) September 28, 2015

Click here , Let Me Google something awesome for you! — WATERSTILLAR (@WaterStillaRog) September 28, 2015

Imagine pure water designed by Danes, delivered like power from Solar City, in California?.We did! ‪#WaterStillar© ‪@TeslaMotors
@SolarCity Pure water made by Danes, delivered like power from Solar City, in California?.New @ !#WaterStillar#solarpowereddrinkingwater
@eluxemagazine  Imagin…

Solar Powered Drinking Water; Pure Fresh Drinking Water from any Source, even polluted! anywhere in the world! Emission Free!!!

Please take a moment to consider our fully serviced solar powered Drinking Water.We offer a metered supply invoiced on line quarterly there are no capital costs to the customer up front for the Water production unit,there is a Quaterly on line invoicing system and the price is cheaper both environmentally and in monetary cost terms as well,
@solarcity drinking water designed by Danes in California? Imagine drinking water delivered like power from Solar City.We did!#solarstillar — WATERSTILLAR (@WaterStillaRog) September 25, 2015 Our water dispensers dispense pure chilled drinking water that is purified by the sun on site.
  WaterStillar © We take any water source (sea water, brackish , brown water) & with our Multi effect evaporation/condensation process deliver pure Drinking water WaterStillar © Without the downsides associated with bottled water production and       distribution or Reverse Osmosis filtering systems.    WaterStillar ©100% Solar Powered Drinking water.100…
SuperCompetent Democracies, Dissolving Neoliberalism, Elitism and Managerialism.  The New Book By Roy Madron Video series trailer.Without an ensemble of those very different Super-Competencies, the re-invention of democracy will fail because, “A revolution that is not more technically proficient and more effective  than the regime it supplants is lost.”2 If however, democracy can be successfully re-invented, in a few decades we will see the emergence of a global network of complex, adaptive socio-technical-ecological systems that are, Enduring in purposes and principlesPowered from the periphery, unified from the coreEquitable in the distribution of power, rights, responsibilities, and rewardsLinked by fluid webs of cooperation and competitionCompatible with the human spirit and the biosphere The book will propose how Super-competent Democracies could be achieved. It comprises:
Part 2: THE D…

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Super-Competent Democracies:
Readers Video Series
Dissolving Neoliberalism, Managerialism and Elitism

Interviews with the Author Roy Madron.
This book proposes that our societies will have to become 'Super-Competent Democracies' in order to learn how to manage the immensely complex challenges and threats that we are facing.
The purpose of the book is to explain why and howSuper-Competent Democracies have to emerge so that our societies can become increasingly just and increasingly sustainable.
The world we live in and depend upon is immensely complex and so are the problems, the threats and the challenges that we face. Because they are complex, they cannot be solved with the lavish application of technological ingenuity and human resources as we can with 'simple' problems such as building a bridge or 'complicated' problems such as putting a man on the moon.

Democratic dialogues: how to communicate with the people of Nuneaton | openDemocracy

Democratic dialogues: how to communicate with the people of Nuneaton | openDemocracy

Tom Thatcher 12 hrs · Fovant, United Kingdom ·
is a serious question: I need to know what Jeremy Corbyn proposes for
the countryside should he become leader of the Labour Party. I suspect
that his knowledge of life outside Camden and Islington may be

We have to remember the countryside campaign of the
Labour Party when Blair's version were triumphant: and we must try to
forget about those toe-curling events like the Cool Britannia parties at
No. 10: and for younger readers, this is not a joke or a prod.

What is much more sad and deflating is that the Labour Chief Whip was
one Denis Carter, aka Lord Carter, perhaps one of the most decent men of
all time in politics. All Wiltshire people who are aware will remember
DC as an agricultural consultant who founded AKC Consultants in Devizes:
his knowledge of rural life was second to none.

The most painful
episode I have ever witnes…