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Postcards from a journey to the unknown.

I started writing this blog when I realised that I was locked into a series of events which I would be subject to the results of, but over which I would neither be consulted or considered. The realisation was actually quite comforting but I knew I needed an outlet for my inevitable struggles with self reproachment and regret and guilt and all of the other feelings I knew would come either from within or provoked from without. This Blog represented a purchase mentally for my ticket for the ride , a journey I was determined to understand, enjoy and share some postcards with myself and others who might be interested having realised they too may be taking the same train.

As with all postcards some are written a little more thoughtfully others are scribbles just checking in or marking out places to revisit and spend some more time all of them represent though a snapshot of the view from that point in space and time.

Anyhow grab your interail card, and climb aboard the index of the blog lists titles these are the most read pages.

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10 May 2011, 1 comment
My use of Wikipedia since February 20th
10 May 2011
Econosophy and other musings - Post a Comment
4 Dec 2011
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9 Jun 2011
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8 Jun 2011

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21 Sep 2014, 1 comment
Rain Song Performance
21 Sep 2014
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24 Jun 2011
My use of Wikipedia since February 20th
10 May 2011
Guitar as Therapy. Mine saves me from the greedy B...
15 Apr 2011

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I am very pleased to have this scrapbook of postcards home from the journey into what for me has turned out to be a nirvana of self realisation and becoming. It is very humbling to feel that I have made some progress in my own estimation to ´´Being´´ as opposed to merely having. ( to paraphrase Paulo Frierre).

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Syria Cui Bono, Incitatus (Boris Johnson) Caligula (john Kerry) and the Curious case of the New Consul at the United Nations Security Council (Updated 7th April , Trump ordered attack On Syria)


Roger Lewis7 April 2017 at 12:56 Syria is all about Gas, not poison Sarin Gas but Gas Pipelines. It is also not about Hydro Carbons in themselves but the market for hydrocarbons and which currency contracts of supply are settled in otherwise known  as,  US petrodollar hegemony.
Legitimate question. Does Jared Kushner have any interests in the Leviathan Gas field or any of the Israeli-backed Pipeline projects? #MAGA#Drain The Swamp. Starting to dig around will report back.

THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GAS RING. QATARI GAS, OR SAUDI HEGENOMY, TRUMP BACKS THE SAUDIS? TANGLED WEB INDEED Tangled Web,  Syria and Gas. Trump meets Egyptian President, that is a rejection of the Moslem Brotherhood, siding against Qatar in Syria and With Saudi broadly and therefore the ISIL Wahabbist and Saud…

Meet The Fuggers, Brexit, The Euro and Clueless Elites.

Meet the Fuggers or, its the Money Power stupid. Brexit, The Euro and clueless Elites.

The Eastern Roman empire under Justinian saw the seeds of its final fall to The Ottomans when Abd El Melik started paying tribute in Gold coinage under his own Political Branding you might say.

With all the talk of Brexit being the removal of a final obstacle to the deeper federation of a European State transcending tiresome nationalism, perhaps a little review of History, particularly Monetary history, might not be such a bad thing.

In the review of European competences carried out as a consultation by the foreign office regarding Brexit and or reform requirements of the Eu, two of the papers need to be considered in the context of the Money power argument.

The first paper considered is the Subsidiarity and proportionality aspects of the Lisbon treaty and the competences of the EU institutions vis National and regional democratic institutions. This is a trade-off between Centralised Efficiency and …

Cashless Society, BlockChain, Global Warming, Gold, Carbon . Geo Political Full House.

rogerglewis9:02 am on October 26, 2017Permalink | Reply | Edit | FollowIMF Head on Climate: “we will be toasted, roasted and grilled”  Roger Lewis October 26, 2017 at 7:57 am # Legarde pushing the AGW Global Warming Narrative reported on Watts Up With That today. Upticks in CLimate Stories and developments on the Petro Dollar are quite common.
I am certain that the two things are not unrelated. rogerglewis Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 25, 2017 at 11:51 pm
Things are really hotting up on the Future Prospects of the Petro Dollar. Climate Change particularly the AGW CO2 Narrative is clung to with religious zeal and promoted by Finance Elites, why is that?
China are rolling out the Petro Yuan, backed by gold. The IMF wish to cling to the Petro Dollar hegemon this is best done by having t…