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Obama Briefs his partners in the washington Consensus.

I have lived here for 4 and a half years now and love it here
I will be applying for Swedish Citizenship in due course I have renounced my British citizenship. My Sone is 4, 5 later this month he attends a Dagis ( playschool) 3 mmornings a week, it is free of charge and the facilities excellent. All schools and Child care places here in Sweden have fully equipped Kitchens and subsidised and in the case of Nurseries Free hot meals and Snacks ( Ficka ) are served. My partner is a teacher and this provison is very important for many Children where for instance an alcoholic single parent is not providing regular meals at home. AT the Dagis the Children are also having an election next week, they are voting for what is on the menu next week at one lunch time there are 3 choices. 1. A health Bean dish with Coca Cola, 2. Pizza with Water 3. Chocalate cake with milk. It isn't pplitical but the idea is that in all things where one makes choices there are rough and smoothe aspects. To me that kind of sums up the Scandanavian pragmatism and practicality which I really respect. The question of NATO is a big one here and again both in Finland and here in Sweden the idea of the Alliance is not welcomed by the broad mass of the population, standards of education and debate are high and the Kunskapkanalen is very good. I was actually first introduced to the Spirit Level as Kunskapkanalen ( Swedish Public Broadcasting) carried a full lecture of the original book tour. Its a curious mix here and of course right up to the mid 70´s there was some pretty serious eugenics programmes here , I jokingly call it the 4th Reich here but there is a serious side to that joke in that The partnership of State and Capital is very explicit and not hidden here, Our band actuually does a popular Swedish Folk and Punk Tune Stadt och Kapitalet which sums it up. There is a balance to that though in that organised Labour, even the Anarchist Trade union are fully involved with the Establishment here and were and are active in the shaping of Swedish Society, ( Has been under attack but it still endures and communication between a highly educated and socially engaged population takes a lot to break down ( more than 8 years)

Capital raising rents
and state housing benefits
you can wangle a tad
the iron law of wages
and even pay less in salary
than the price of food and for rent
the government contributes so much to the
if the cost of living has become
too expensive.

Side by side, they help each
state and capital, they are in the same boat
though it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

The school's mission is as it should be
the school workforce
the brooms to sweep good
we must not be careless with the handles
barriers and quotas and testing program
is a system to screen
wheat from the chaff, and was one o
to his right fold.

Side by side, together they emphasize the
state and capital, two wolves pious as lamb
though it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

Side by side, they help each
state and capital, they are in the same boat
though it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

The tempo is raised at the machines,
This trills male elite
production can not accommodate the
that has become badly worn
but lest anyone should think that there is something wrong
with the heavy chords
he is regarded as a disease and treated
the compassionate care work.

Side by side, together they emphasize the
state and capital, two wolves pious as lamb
but it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

Side by side .... Aah aah aaaah aaaaah!

We have an election in Sweden this coming week Pete, I hope and think that the electorate will give the neo libs who have ran the show this past 8 years the boot, the free market stuff has gone to far and the Swedes are not happy about it. It does get remarked upon and discussed as only Scandanavians can. There is something about the Swedish Language that gets them all on the same page automatically even when they have different ideas about which way to go they seem always to know where they are at presently. It is not perfect here , my Partner is Swedish and we decided to move here with our Young Family as we did not wish to send our Children to School in the UK.

Obama maintains the Washington Consensus

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