Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A couple of Older Poems. This question Brought them to mind.

To what do degree do psychological wounds and life trauma, especially unmet childhood needs and childhood trauma, influence the different beliefs and opinions we hold?

99 flakes for sale


dminor 1st positiion

d minor 5th position

d minor 13th position

gminor fift poistion
walk down


dsharp minor d minor.

A Poem.

99 flakes for sale
in the blazing sun
you handed me one
99 flakes for sale

when it fell to the floor
I felt your hand so sore
not in comfort but anger pale
99 flakes for sale

as tears filled my eyes
each rivulet so sweet ran down
I cry in the sun and your hand asaills
99 flakes for sale


years pass and dim memories stir
and I hand a pastichio cone to my son
it drops to the floor as mine once did
I cry within and rememeber the pain
with love a cone is restored and he smiles

99 flakes for sale
99 flakes for sale

in the blazing sun
he twilrs his cone he smiles
laughter and holding tight
let one sad little boy grow to a father

he will grow to a man
we will remember this day
as I once remembered in pain
never the twain will visit our lives again.

No more pain
no more pain
heal the pain
heal the pain

99 flakes for sale
99 flakes for sale.


teach a man to fish
learn how to provide
light a fire in his mind
a spirit that once may have died

send his son to war
place a gun in his hands
tell him whats right or wrong
tell him gods on his side

send his son to school
teach him the golden rule
learn the answers well
don't get washed up in the tide

once when he was a child
he used to ask why
now he´s given answers
but the child within he sighs

send your children fishing
light bonfires for their minds
stop chasing shadows cast
by others who might lie.

teach a man to fish
learn how to provide
light a fire in his mind
a spirit that once may have died

How we act in the world has everything to do with what we have experienced and how we have interpreted or misinterpreted those experiences. I am eternally grateful to several very good psychiatrists who have worked with me over the years to re examine various Family and relationship and personal breakdowns that had proved very destructive to my well being due to my limited understanding of what who and which parts of my own psyche were involved in my life experiences .
In my own case I came to see that generalising my own personal experiences to all situations was not a terribly good metric for me and by learning alternative coping mechanisms for coping with the feelings of fear of rejection, acceptance and status projection and so forth I have found some measure of inner peace. Understanding the dynamics in both directions, looking to the root of my own reactions and listening to what people say or are not saying, learning to seek clarification have all helped me with an ongoing process of finding harmony with others and myself/selves.
I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder in my late 20´s it was not really until my mid 40's that I got the hang of managing my actions at both extremes of my own perceptual apparatus. I have never taken any medication but have found that seeking Balance and practising balance has had a cumulative effect in helping me to live with my selves and those selves as experienced by others. Without the huge amount of help I have had professionally i do not think I could thrive as I now do within in my Family here in Sweden.
Scaled up to a societal level balance seems lacking almost as a default setting, which saddens me, I used to Joke that most problems in society could be solved by giving people an Apple Mac computer instead of a Windows computer, having discovered GNU/ Linux and Richard Stallman I think there is more truth in that than I actually realised. Freedom of Thought and deed rests in our true selves, we protect that precious part of ourselves to the extent that we hide it so well we often can not find it ourselves , we are all Chained to a rock of expectation much as Prometheus was yet we have forgotten or may not know that we are. I have linked to this essay before in our various discussions Ricky.


When I read this I felt I had found my Slippers and Pipe besides our Log Burner.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Veneerial Disease and other STD´s ( Socially Transmitted DIllusions.) By Head fucking.

Veneerial Disease.( VD)

Is a socially Transmitted Dillusion ( STD) communicated by Head fucking.

1702, from German Furnier, from furnieren "to cover with a veneer, inlay," from French fournir "to furnish, accomplish," from Middle French fornir "to furnish," from a Germanic source (cf. Old High German frumjan "to provide;" see furnish). A word batted back and forth from German to French to German. Figurative sense of "mere outward show of some good quality" is attested from 1868. The verb is recorded from 1728.

Veneer may refer to:
Veneer (dentistry), a cosmetic treatment for teeth
Veneer (album), a musical recording by José González
Wood veneer, a thin facing layer of wood
Masonry veneer, a thin facing layer of brick
Stone veneer, a thin facing layer of stone
"Veneer", a song by The Verve Pipe from Villains


Mental illness caused by late-stage syphilis was once a common form of dementia. This was known as the general paresis of the insane. The list below contains a representative listing of famous historical figures diagnosed with or strongly suspected (marked "S") as having had syphilis at some time. Many people who acquired syphilis were treated and recovered; died from it (marked "†").
Many famous historical figures, including Charles VIII of France, Hernán Cortés of Spain, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Ivan the Terrible, were often alleged to have had syphilis or other sexually transmitted infections. Sometimes these allegations were false and formed part of a political whispering campaign. In other instances, retrospective diagnoses of suspected cases have been made in modern times.
Keys: S—suspected case; —died of syphilis
Endre Ady (1877–1919), Hungarian poet †
Maurice Barrymore (1849–1905) actor †
John Batman (1801–1839), founder of Melbourne
Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867), poet †
Karen Blixen (1885–1962), writer[2]
Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage (1765–1805), poet †
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821), emperor of France S
Cesare Borgia (1475–1507), Duke of Valentinois and son of Pope Alexander VI
António Botto (1897–1959), poet
Camilo Castelo Branco (1825–1890), writer
Beau Brummell (1778–1840), fashion arbiter
Al Capone (1899–1947), gangster †
Giacomo Casanova (1725–1798), adventurer and author
Lord Randolph Churchill (1849–1895), British politician, father of British PM Winston Churchill
Frederick Delius (1862–1934), composer †[3]
Gaetano Donizetti (1797–1848), composer
Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), writer
Paul Gauguin (1848–1903), painter †
Theo van Gogh (1857–1891), art dealer †
Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890), painter S
Heinrich Heine (1797–1856), poet †
Adolf Hitler (1889–1945), S [4]
Howard Hughes (1905-1976), businessman, aviator and film maker
Ivan the Terrible (1530–1584), Czar of Russia
Scott Joplin (1867/8–1917), composer †
Kostas Karyotakis (1896–1928), Greek poet
Eduard von Keyserling (1855-1918), writer †
Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), Russian revolutionary S
William Lobb (1809–1864), plant collector S
Jean Lorrain (1855-1906), writer
Édouard Manet (1832–1883), painter †
Guy de Maupassant (1850–1893), writer †
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900), philosopher S
Jack Pickford (1896–1933), actor †
Harry Nelson Pillsbury (1872–1906), chess master †
Martin Alonso Pinzon (1441–1493) captain of Pinta
Eugen Sandow (1867–1925), bodybuilder S[5][6]
Franz Schubert (1797–1828), composer S
Bedřich Smetana (1824–1884), composer †
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1545–1567), second husband of Mary Queen of Scots
Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910), writer S[7]
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864–1901), painter †
Mikhail Vrubel (1856–1910), painter
George Walker (1872/1873–1911), comedian/entertainer †
Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), writer S
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647–1680), writer †
Hugo Wolf (1860–1903), composer †

Signs and symptoms[edit]
Symptoms of the disease first appear from 10 to 30 years after infection. Incipient GPI is usually manifested by neurasthenic difficulties, such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, etc. As the disease progresses, the mental deterioration and personality changes occurs. Typical symptoms include loss of social inhibitions, asocial behavior, gradual impairment of judgment, concentration and short-term memory, euphoria, mania, depression, or apathy. Subtle shivering, minor defects in speech and Argyll Robertson pupil may become noticeable.
Delusions, which are common, tend to be poorly systematized and absurd. They can be grandiose, melancholic, or paranoid. These delusions include ideas of great wealth, immortality, thousands of lovers, unfathomable power, but also apocalypse, nihilism, self-blame, or bizarre hypochondriacal complaints. Later, the patient suffers from dysarthria, intention tremors, hyperreflexia, myoclonic jerks, confusion, seizures and pareses. Eventually, the paretic dies bedridden, cachectic and completely disoriented.

Although there were recorded cases of remission of the symptoms, especially if they had not passed beyond the stage of psychosis, these individuals almost invariably suffered relapse within a few months to a few years. Otherwise, the patient was seldom able to return home because of the complexity, severity and unmanageability of the evolving symptom picture. Eventually, the patient would become completely incapacitated, bedfast, and die, the process taking about three to five years on average.

Ego - The False Center
From Beyond the Frontier of the Mind by Osho
      The first thing to be understood is what ego is. A child is born. A child is born without any knowledge, any consciousness of his own self. And when a child is born the first thing he becomes aware of is not himself; the first thing he becomes aware of is the other. It is natural, because the eyes open outwards, the hands touch others, the ears listen to others, the tongue tastes food and the nose smells the outside. All these senses open outwards.
           That is what birth means. Birth means coming into this world, the world of the outside. So when a child is born, he is born into this world. He opens his eyes, sees others. 'Other' means the thou. He becomes aware of the mother first. Then, by and by, he becomes aware of his own body. That too is the other, that too belongs to the world. He is hungry and he feels the body; his need is satisfied, he forgets the body.
      This is how a child grows. First he becomes aware of you, thou, other, and then by and by, in contrast to you, thou, he becomes aware of himself.
      This awareness is a reflected awareness. He is not aware of who he is. He is simply aware of the mother and what she thinks about him. If she smiles, if she appreciates the child, if she says, "You are beautiful," if she hugs and kisses him, the child feels good about himself. Now an ego is born.
      Through appreciation, love, care, he feels he is good, he feels he is valuable, he feels he has some significance.
      A center is born.
      But this center is a reflected center. It is not his real being. He does not know who he is; he simply knows what others think about him. And this is the ego: the reflection, what others think. If nobody thinks that he is of any use, nobody appreciates him, nobody smiles, then too an ego is born: an ill ego; sad, rejected, like a wound; feeling inferior, worthless. This too is the ego. This too is a reflection.

VD of the social type is not treatable by penicillin and is propagated in the manner
of The Tuskegee syphilis experiment[1 by Governements and Private Corporations , Institutions and other power Elite structures and institutions. Protection is either through prophylactic precautions such as Tin foil hats, or through critical thought and Reason. Following a regimen of VD prophylactic consciousness raising.

Value Dasein ( VD) prophylactic defence through consciousness raising.

Value. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_(semiotics)
Paradigmatic analysis compiles a list of the signifiers present in the text. This set comprises the paradigm. The analyst then compares and contrasts the set with absent signifiers, i.e. with other signifiers that might have been chosen. This reveals the significance of the choices made which might have been required because of technical production constraints or the limitations of the individual’s own technique, or because of the tropes, generic conventions, style and rhetorical purpose of the work. The analysis of paradigmatic relations helps to define the ‘value’ of specific items in a system.


Dasein (German pronunciation: [ˈdaːzaɪn]) is a German word which means "being there" or "presence" (German: da "there"; sein "being") often translated in English with the word "existence". It is a fundamental concept in the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger particularly in his magnum opus Being and Time. Heidegger uses the expression Dasein to refer to the experience of being that is peculiar to human beings. Thus it is a form of being that is aware of and must confront such issues as personhood, mortality and the dilemma or paradox of living in relationship with other humans while being ultimately alone with oneself.


Monday, 17 February 2014

North Korea. Narratives and Heads disappearing up arses.

I have been increasingly noticing the narrative against North Korea intensifying. Its quite a worry.

This on the BBC today


´´Testimony to the panel has included an account of a woman forced to drown her own baby, children imprisoned from birth and starved, and families tortured for watching a foreign soap opera.

The full report is expected to contain hundreds of pages of further evidence of a nationwide policy of control through terror, says our correspondent.´´

I recently read a Novel called The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window. Its a very funny book with some rye humour about historical narratives. Written by a Swedish Author I highly recommend it.

Filled with lots of adventures, Allan's life story is told in parallel to this. He eats dinner with the future President Harry S. Truman, hitchhikes with Winston Churchill, travels on a riverboat with the wife of Mao Zedong and walks across the Himalayas on foot.

Anyway thuis from Truthout on Korea.


The Article quotes a lot of work from this American Activist.


"Communist" and "Marxist-Leninist" were code words used to cover up murders of civilians seeking self-determination (democracy). I was extremely angry that my government continued to terrorize and murder the poor for lies shrouded in noble sounding pretexts.

I must admit I am rather worried at the moment I think that Economically things are likely to blow up fairly soon and Blowing up people may seem like a good idea to Politicians and Bankers rather than facing their own financial fantasies.

Read independant sources ( The BBC does not count as seen above) and resist the Genocidal Narratives on N Korea and Syria. American Imperialism, American Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism are all much larger problems than Climate Change, Energy Security, Food Security. The self appointed physician is in fact the murderer and the disease.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Arm Chair Anarchists and Social Media a Marriage made in heavan.

This video has only 5000 views on You tube.
The Documentary America Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo has about 100,000 views on its various copies posted to You tube ( it was made in 2006)
In one week last week A video I had posted with a Clip from Only Fools and Horses had 150,000 views simply because one of the actors in the scene passed away, Roger Lloyd Pack ( Trigger) Its an up hill battle to get people to bother to find out what is making life less than it could be.
Its great to know that Russell Brand will stick his neck out and generates comment on the issues that attract so many of us to discuss them here.
David ( Golem) more of this please.

It has only 2500 views I have tweeted it and pasted it and will put this post on my own blog. As the Main Stream media is not going to get the message out Social Media is our friend. I was looking at the Anonymous DDos tactic the other day which is a networked attack to jam targeted Internet services ( Its illegal and I am not suggesting we should be engaging in DDos type action what we do need is coordinated and concerted plugging of piffy messages getting the message out sadly repetition works and nagging needs to made less annoying by adding entertainment value.
“Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice:
That alone should encourage the crew.
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice:
What I tell you three times is true.”