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International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics

International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics

Reality Falsified.

Reality is à slice of infinity,
Make sure you try a piece.
Plenty to go around
Add seasoning to taste
Abstract constructs
Incompleteness and uncertainty
Are in the nature of infinity
Falsifiability is in the nature of reality
Subjects of defined limits create reality
One can create or falsify ones own reality
Reality as objective,subjective or abstract
Is all an absract construct relative to subjective limits placed on the infinite continuum.
There are many realities, but Only one infinity
Infinity encompasses all realities
Realities are faceted With infinite perspectives
Perscribed reality is not necessarily evident

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BBC - Blogs - Profile

BBC - Blogs - Profile

Edvard Munch's iconic artwork The Scream sold for $120m06:57am on 03 May 2012A crazy world such crazy times begs the question what is Money as well as what is art. Van Meegran tugged the vanity of the art world and Dada did that and more besides. On the Semiotic and semantic significance of large price tags on great works of arts in times of Economic crisis this film on you tube from the Boijmans museum in Amsterdam is appositehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no_geZuQh2o
Also see Apples Cassh Mounrtain is it real?http://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/2013/05/apples-cash-mountain-is-it-real.html

BBC - Blogs - Profile

BBC - Blogs - Profile

Will Bank of Englands new lending schemes work?4:40pm on 16 Jun 2012www.positivemoney.org.uk

Nationalise the Banks ( Wait a minute there are a few of those already?)

this video suggests some very good solutions to the rotten barrel of apples we call the city of London.



GDP Notes Cut and Paste Green/Maryland GDP Paradox and link

GDP Critisisms.
Growth and interest on debt are functions of the same support system of the debt based money model and the obsession with and simplification top GDP growth models all help to obvisctae the real potential in our economies.http://www.paulnas.eu/GA/file/318.pdf  GDP is a very poor metric by which to set socio economic policy goals, it is essential to maintaining the dysfunctional staus quo.http://www.golemxiv.co.uk/2014/09/next-crisis-part-two-manifesto-1/

2.1. Principles of proper accounting
The use and calculation of the GDP indicator is inconsistent with two principles of good bookkeeping: (i) divide clearly
between costs and benefits; and (ii) correct for changes in stocks and supplies. GDP really represents an estimate of the costs
instead of the benefits of all market-related economic activities in a country. In addition, GDP does not capture all social costs
as it omits external costs.
It is well-known that the GDP indicator was never developed for the purpose of welfare measurement. In 1665 Sir William Petty produced the first esti

one extrapolates a constant tempo of real GDP growth towards the distant future, it is evident that any correlation with social welfare will be lost somewhere along the way. To illustrate this, note that extrapolation
of a 2% yearly growth rate 1000 years into the future would result in a GDP that is (1.02)
# 400 million times the current
GDP. It is difficult to imagine that individual or social welfare could increase to such an extent. This suggests that if there is a
positive (average) correlation between GDP and social welfare, it should be very close to zero.

Lexicographic preferences
Basic needs like water, food, shelter, company, respect and freedom cannot be traded off against luxury services and
material goods.

2.7. Environmental externalities and depletion of natural resources
An important subcategory of unpriced effects relates to use of natural resources and the environment. This involves negative external effects as well as goods and services delivered by nature

3. How serious is the influence of GDP information on the economy?
In the first place, one wonders why governments invest structurally in calculating and predicting GDP. This investment is
shared by all countries, and since the GDP is standardized through the United Nations System of National Accounts, it allows
for an international comparison of countries in GDP terms
The importance of GDP information for firms, investors and citizens/consumers is illustrated
by the media – television, radio, newspapers, financial and other magazines, and internet – informing us on a daily basis
about the status of our national GDP, both over time and in comparison with other countries. To illustrate the widespread
influence of GDP, note that a search on internet on July 7th 2008 for ‘‘GDP” delivered 44,700,000 hits (and ‘‘Gross domestic
product” 4,970,000 more). This is, for example, more than five times the number of hits for ‘‘social welfare”, viz. 8,470,000

A recent indirect but important effect of GDP information relates to climate policy. Among the most influential climate
policy studies are economic analyses in which the policy cost is expressed in terms of a reduced rate of GDP growth (an early
study is Nordhaus, 1991; for an overview see Tol, 2008; and for a critical evaluation Söderholm, 2007). This type of research
has received much attention from policy makers, notably since it was widely diffused through reports of the IPCC (Intergov-
120 J.C.J.M. van den Bergh / Journal of Economic Psychology 30 (2009) 117–135ernmental Panel on Climate Change). In fact, in deciding to not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, the Bush administration referred to
Nordhaus’ work as providing an important motivation.

This is not the end of the story. Through pessimistic (optimistic) responses by individuals, firms, and governments to forecasts of a low (high) rate of GDP growth, GDP information creates a pro-cyclic effect. This resembles the way in which behaviour in financial markets is steered by perceptions, leading to herd behaviour which causes expectations to become tru
: GDP not only is an inadequate proxy of social welfare but also has a considerable impact on public and private
economic decisions. By implication, GDP represents a serious information failure.
simplification of choices is not an unusual strategy followed by humans, and has been well documented in the literature
on behavioural economics. For example, human choice is often in accordance with the ‘isolation effect’, which represents
a simplifying approach to compare the performance of complex alternatives (Kahneman & Tversky, 1979).
In addition, conformism, docility, socialization and imitation can explain why GDP is without much criticism accepted by
the majority of citizens and economic students alike.

r, Colander (2005, p. 175) notes: ‘‘Individuals are not born as economists; they are molded through formal
and informal training. This training shapes the way they approach problems, process information and carry out research,
which in turn influences the policies they favour and the role they play in society. [
Only in the very last pages (pp. 508–510) a
box is presented as a kind of afterthought, in which the question is addressed: ‘‘Will growth make us happy”. The answer
given is twofold: ‘‘Income is not the only determinant of happiness, but clearly happiness rises with income ...” and ‘‘Thus,
although growth will not make us as happy as we expect it to, it will still make us happier than we would be if there were no
growth”. Neither statement is convincingly supported with data, arguments or studies. Nor are the fundamental criticisms
summarized in Section 2 being addressed

In fact, one can come up with another
set of quality-of-life indicators, such as pollution, living space, serenity, direct access to nature, congestion and work stress,
with which GDP per capita correlates negatively in certain income ranges. Third, correlation does not guarantee causality.
Although liberty, health and literacy often will act as necessary conditions for sustained GDP growth they do not necessarily
improve by continued growth beyond a certain income level
These various counter-arguments are supported by an extensive empirical study by Easterly (1999). It uses a panel dataset of 81 indicators covering up to four time periods (1960, 1970,
1980, and 1990) and seven areas: (1) individual rights and democracy, (2) political instability and war, (3) education, (4)
health, (5) transport and communications, (6) inequality across class and gender, and (7) ‘‘bads”. Depending on the statistical
method used, it is found that income per capita has an impact on the quality of life that is significantly positive for only 32,
10 or 6 out of 81 indicators. The author concludes that the results can be partly explained by long and variable delays between growth and changes in the quality of life, and that for many quality-of-life indicators global socioeconomic progress
(–growth) is more important than home–country growth

, Pissarides, 2000). Further, GDP growth does not necessarily reduce unemployment for several other
reasons: it may involve outsourcing associated with retaining much of GDP domestically while moving jobs to elsewhere;
and growth often goes along with creative destruction, i.e. disruption of old economic activities, which in turn implies (temporary) unemployment in specific sectors or job types. Of course, employment in combination with wages or productivity
will affect the GDP, suggesting the relevance of a reverse causality (and correlation at times).
Another often expressed view is that GDP provides a basis for estimating tax revenues. This might then allow one to forecast taxes, to evaluate creditworthiness in the case of providing loans to countries (as done by the IMF and the World Bank),
or to determine fair financial contributions of member states to a federation of states (e.g., USA, EU). In this case, GDP does
not function as a performance indicator but more modestly as a model variable.
s (de Bruyn & Heintz, 1999; Stern, Common, & Barbier,
1996). What comes out of these studies is that nearby problems relating to human health, like local water and air pollution,
are solved if income rises, but that many other environmental problems are not solved or at best shifted in space (e.g., export
of solid waste, incineration) or time (e.g., landfills). In general, it is therefore not true that economic growth solves environmental problems. This means that GDP information is not as relevant to understand the dynamics of solutions to environmental problems as was initially believed.

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Postcards from a journey to the unknown.

I started writing this blog when I realised that I was locked into a series of events which I would be subject to the results of, but over which I would neither be consulted or considered. The realisation was actually quite comforting but I knew I needed an outlet for my inevitable struggles with self reproachment and regret and guilt and all of the other feelings I knew would come either from within or provoked from without. This Blog represented a purchase mentally for my ticket for the ride , a journey I was determined to understand, enjoy and share some postcards with myself and others who might be interested having realised they too may be taking the same train.

As with all postcards some are written a little more thoughtfully others are scribbles just checking in or marking out places to revisit and spend some more time all of them represent though a snapshot of the view from that point in space and time.

Anyhow grab your interail card, and climb aboard the index of the blog lists titles these are the most read pages.

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This Week

A friend of Michael Sanden. Internet Documentary S...
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Rain Song Performance
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I am very pleased to have this scrapbook of postcards home from the journey into what for me has turned out to be a nirvana of self realisation and becoming. It is very humbling to feel that I have made some progress in my own estimation to ´´Being´´ as opposed to merely having. ( to paraphrase Paulo Frierre).

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Rain Song Performance

Enjoying Final Cut pro X very much so much so I decided to spice up this performance of Rain Song. The Michael Sanden Film required me to step up to FInal Cut from I Movie, a step I couldn't justify the learning curve before to Final Cut pro 7. I still have a way to go before I can use Pro 7 with anything approaching an efficient workflow but on Pro x I have taken to it like a duck to water and it is massively more powerful than I movie. I still intend to stay the course on Pro 7 as I enjoy video editing and want to improve my film editing and Pro 7 has some particularly good Audio features which for obvious reasons I would like to utilise..

This performance seems to be making a modest hit ( a soar away success by my own standards). Subscribe like share and spread the love. The Sanden documentary Series is long but I think interesting to people thinking of building their own acoustic guitar The shorter movie edit will come in due course when the winter sees me with more studio time. The Electric guitar in the video is one I assembled myself from parts and I also made the custom pickguard that the pickups and controls are mounted on. Theres a real buzz out of this self building mallarkey.

A friend of Michael Sanden. Internet Documentary Series.

A friend Of Michael Sanden-

Filmed Live on Location
Between July 21st August
2nd 2014

Starring. Michael Sanden ( The Maestro)
Lars Lindoff ( Lasse)
& Roger Lewis.
( the Two descipolo´s)

´´It is a truism of the Renaissance workshop that
paintings were collaborative, and that work ´by´a certain artist was often only partly painted by him, the rest being done by assistants and apprentices working under his supervision. Sometimes there were contracts that restricted the amount of delegation´´.   

                                                                 para. 4. page 87 .             

  The flights of the mind.                                   by.  Charles Nicholl.

´´Perche la minestra si fredda´
´´Because the soup is getting cold´´

In August of this year I travelled to Komstad, in the Osterlund peninsular in South East Sweden to attrend the Sanden Guitars building course. The course was a 50th Birthday present from my Family, Johanna my partner and our two children, Rhiannnon and Rasmus. I first heard about the courses four years ago shortly after moving to Sweden and had hoped to be able to attend the course at some point. When I rang to book after Johanna said she and the children wanted the course to be my 50th Birthday present the August course was fully booked but Michael said he would see about the possibility of doing an earlier course for two as One of the class form August lived locally in the summer and might find it convienient to do the course earlier. Lars was able to do this and so the dates were set for 21st July to 2nd of August.

Accomodation was booked and the course which was less than a month away by this time was a fast approaching reality when it had seemed it would remain another pipe dream albeit one which would come to pass in the Spring of 2015.

I stayed at the Hotel Villa Vitae a Bed and Breakfast 5 minutes drive from the Workshop and the two weeks were a wonderfull experience documented in these 6 episodes. I do intend to edit the episodes into a one hour condensced film but the film as edited here represents some of the Sweat, concentration attention to detail and care that went into creating ´´My Guitar´´. 

I had reread the flights of the mind back in the spring of this year and the set up of the workshop and the supervision and guidance from Michael and the camraderie that Lars and I struck up drew all sorts of parrallels in my mind to the Workshop of Verrocchio where Leanardo was apprenticed and to the later workshops of Leanardo himself and the stories of Zoroastro and the workings and relationships within the studio.

´´dui suoi garzoni fano retrati, e lui a le volte in alcuno mette mano´´_ 

´´Two of his assistants make copies, and he from time to time puts his own hand to them´

(ref 80. p.232 para 3.)

So we two discipolos Lars and Roger   are found in the Bordega of master guitar builder Michael Sanden in Komstad.

Watch on....

 Episode 1 Meet the wood and Brace yourself days 1 and 2

This is a Chronilogical movie in daily episodes of the Sanden Guitar building class I attended in july/August 2014. There are 6 episodes of varying legnth. It was all filmed on a Canon Ixus digital camera and editied in Final Cut Pro 10 and Imovie 11. I built a Martin 00018 all music in the movie is played on the Guitar I built.Thanks to David Luingi ( my great friend,Classical guitarist and band member Lilagatubandet for the classical. Marcus Lindberg, Break out Guitars Halmstad, Hendrix Backdrop clips, Gary Southwell, Stauffer photo. And to Lars and Michael for being great company for two weeks in the heat of the sun and the workshop. 

Finally and above all Johanna, Rhiannon and Rasmus, my family who gave this course to me as my 50th Birthday present , the best present ever! 

Episode 2 Brace Yourself Days 3, 4 & 5.    50 mins 12 secs 


Episode 3 Its a carve up days 6 & 7.  55 mins 13 secs 


Episode 4 Days 8 - 11 Its a Bind . 36mins 39 secs


Episode 5 day 12 Assembly 28 Minutes 21 secs


Episode 6 Final Day Set up and play 27 minutes


 Friend of Michael Sanden song

Friend Of Michael Sanden.

I just completed the two week Michael Sanden, Sanden Guitars guitar building class, this guitar is the result. I wrote a Lyric to go along to the Grateful dead classic fiend of the Devil honouring Michael and the two week journey to the Komstad crossroads that he had given me and my fellow student Lars.


We came down to Komstad, we was searchin for that sound.
Couldn't get to sleep that night till mornin came around.
Set out planing but we take our time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine.
If We get done a gluing before daylight, just might get some sleep, just might get some sleep tonite.

Ran into Mr Sanden Babe He took our Kroner Bills
Spent the night a scraping with files and chisels
Set out planing but I take my time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine
If we get done a gluing before daylight just might get some sleep, Just might get some sleep, Just might get some sleep tonite.

I routed out the truss rod, But Michael caught me there
he gripped the neck and laid  on of his hands, ONE TOUCH!, it was perfect then I swear.

Set out planing but I take my time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine
If I get done a sanding before daylight I just might get some sleep, just might get some sleep tonite.


Got two reasons why I tried to build my own guitar.
First ones GAS you know the score , but please don't tell my wife.
Second ones a search for tone and Michaels on my tail, if he catches up with you the warranties in the mail.

Got an axe in Sunburst and a Roots in mahogany.
First ones name is Orville but it ain’t doin it for me.

Set out strummin but I take my time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine
If I get thru a fretting before daylight . I just might get some sleep , I just might get some sleep,
I just might get some sleep. TONITE............


Hotel Villa Vitae


For  Marie-Louise and Leif who made me most welcome when I was a guest recently whilst attending the guitar building course at Sanden Guitars Komstad. The guitar I built is the acoustic in the video.



Demo of the Guitar. 
 Demo of the guitar I made at the Sanden Guitars Building Class.
The guitar has a very booming voice when I used a plectrum there is some distortion when I dig in as I had not left enough headroom as I hadn't anticipated doing some flat pick. Strumming the guitar is like ringing a bell , my recording technique is at fault there.

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Free Sweden from the Neo Liberal Scourge of the Washington Consensus


I will be voting today, hopefully Sweden will be freed of the scourge of the Neo Liberal experiment that has damaged its public services this past 8 years. The Greens will be getting my vote and one hopes that they with the Centre Left and Left Party can form a coalition to help Sweden negotiate the current unrest and coming economic downturn in the world. After the first two terms of Thatchers Government in the 1992 Elelction Neil Kinnock was set to remove the tories, Famously John Major won that election for the Conservatives and the Neo Liberal plague became incurable in British Politiics, New Labour was born and when Blair got in in 97 he was really jjust Tory Light with a special interest in War Crimes. I fear if the Centre Left, Left and Green coalition do not get in this time round in Sweden, Swedes will find that all their parties will be coopted into the Neo Liberal lie and find increasingly that One Kroner One vote becomes a reality instead of One Swedish CItizen one vote. Be warned that is a very real prospect, As an immigrant myself to this beautiful country I wish with all my heart that Sweden is not set up for ransacking as my own Country of Birth has been.
Parliamentary elections have kicked off in Sweden, with center-left opposition targeting a narrow lead, according to the latest opinion polls. The preliminary...

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Obama Briefs his partners in the washington Consensus.

I have lived here for 4 and a half years now and love it here
I will be applying for Swedish Citizenship in due course I have renounced my British citizenship. My Sone is 4, 5 later this month he attends a Dagis ( playschool) 3 mmornings a week, it is free of charge and the facilities excellent. All schools and Child care places here in Sweden have fully equipped Kitchens and subsidised and in the case of Nurseries Free hot meals and Snacks ( Ficka ) are served. My partner is a teacher and this provison is very important for many Children where for instance an alcoholic single parent is not providing regular meals at home. AT the Dagis the Children are also having an election next week, they are voting for what is on the menu next week at one lunch time there are 3 choices. 1. A health Bean dish with Coca Cola, 2. Pizza with Water 3. Chocalate cake with milk. It isn't pplitical but the idea is that in all things where one makes choices there are rough and smoothe aspects. To me that kind of sums up the Scandanavian pragmatism and practicality which I really respect. The question of NATO is a big one here and again both in Finland and here in Sweden the idea of the Alliance is not welcomed by the broad mass of the population, standards of education and debate are high and the Kunskapkanalen is very good. I was actually first introduced to the Spirit Level as Kunskapkanalen ( Swedish Public Broadcasting) carried a full lecture of the original book tour. Its a curious mix here and of course right up to the mid 70´s there was some pretty serious eugenics programmes here , I jokingly call it the 4th Reich here but there is a serious side to that joke in that The partnership of State and Capital is very explicit and not hidden here, Our band actuually does a popular Swedish Folk and Punk Tune Stadt och Kapitalet which sums it up. There is a balance to that though in that organised Labour, even the Anarchist Trade union are fully involved with the Establishment here and were and are active in the shaping of Swedish Society, ( Has been under attack but it still endures and communication between a highly educated and socially engaged population takes a lot to break down ( more than 8 years)



Capital raising rents
and state housing benefits
you can wangle a tad
the iron law of wages
and even pay less in salary
than the price of food and for rent
the government contributes so much to the
if the cost of living has become
too expensive.

Side by side, they help each
state and capital, they are in the same boat
though it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

The school's mission is as it should be
the school workforce
the brooms to sweep good
we must not be careless with the handles
barriers and quotas and testing program
is a system to screen
wheat from the chaff, and was one o
to his right fold.

Side by side, together they emphasize the
state and capital, two wolves pious as lamb
though it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

Side by side, they help each
state and capital, they are in the same boat
though it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

The tempo is raised at the machines,
This trills male elite
production can not accommodate the
that has become badly worn
but lest anyone should think that there is something wrong
with the heavy chords
he is regarded as a disease and treated
the compassionate care work.

Side by side, together they emphasize the
state and capital, two wolves pious as lamb
but it is not them that rowing Rowing so sweaty
and whip that tickle, tickle, nor
their fat necks.

Side by side .... Aah aah aaaah aaaaah!

We have an election in Sweden this coming week Pete, I hope and think that the electorate will give the neo libs who have ran the show this past 8 years the boot, the free market stuff has gone to far and the Swedes are not happy about it. It does get remarked upon and discussed as only Scandanavians can. There is something about the Swedish Language that gets them all on the same page automatically even when they have different ideas about which way to go they seem always to know where they are at presently. It is not perfect here , my Partner is Swedish and we decided to move here with our Young Family as we did not wish to send our Children to School in the UK.

Obama maintains the Washington Consensus