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Feeding the 5000. Bejebus.

´´We are meant to be known by the 5,000 not the five billion. The people who serve the people need to choose who supplies the service. We are delighted when the public knows who we are, but really, we need to be known by the people who make decisions."

The current chief executive of the global Serco Group is 49-year-old Chris Hyman, born in Durban, South Africa. His annual remuneration is around £700,000, plus bonuses; in 2011, the value of his total package rose 18%, to £1.86m (the company's finance director had to slum it at £948,295).
In 2010, Hyman was given a CBE for services to business and charity; he is also an enthusiastic fan of motor racing and an evangelical Christian


 From 1978 Feeding the 5000 album how apt.

 You're paying for prisons.
You're paying for war.
You're paying for lobotomies.
You're paying for law.
You're paying for their order.
You're paying for their murder.

Paying for your ticket To watch the farce.
 Knowing you've made you're contribution
To the systems fucked solution,
To their political pollution.

No chance of revolution.
 No chance of change.
You've got no range.

 Don't just take it.
Don't take their shit.
Don't' play their game.
 Don't take their blame.

Your turn instead.
 It's not apologise.
It's not economise.
It's not make do.
It's not pull through.

It's not take it. It's not make it.
 It's not just you. It's not madmen.
It's not difficult. It's not behave.
 It's not, oh well, just this once.

It's fucking impossible.
It's fucking unbearable.
It's fucking stupid.

 Enough Said!
Except Maybe.

  As long as politics is the shadow cast on society by big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance.
Quoted in John Dewey and American Democracy by Robert Westbrook (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1991), p. 440; cited in Understanding Power (2002) by Noam Chomsky, ch. 9, footnote 16; originally from "The Need for a New Party" (1931) by John Dewey, Later Works 6, p. 163. (Via Westbrook.)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Dan Smith Strats and other Tulip manias?

Roger Lewis Is this the same Dan Smith?


1982/3 Dan Smith Fender Stratocaster

In 1981 Fender-CBS hired William Schultz, John McLaren, and Dan Smith away from the U.S. division of Yamaha. Schultz became the president of Fender-CBS, McLaren the managing director while Smith was appointed the director of marketing for Fender electric guitars. In a drive to rejuvenate the quality control and Fender's market position, Dan Smith oversaw an upgrading of the basic production model Stratocaster and by late 1981 the new production model was unveiled as the 1982 Stratocaster. It featured a pre-CBS smaller headstock (compared to the 1980 "Strat"), a four bolt neck plate, an overwound X-1 pickup (introduced on the 1980 "Strat" model) in the bridge position and a body end truss-rod adjustment without the Bullet nut. These are known today as "Dan Smith" Stratocasters and prized by collectors for the attempted, albeit brief, return to pre-CBS stylings.

The following year the Standard model received a short-lived redesign seeking to reduce production costs and price on American Stratocasters. This revised version lacked a second tone control, a newly designed Freeflyte vibrato system, and a bare-bones output jack. A reshaped ‘Comfort Contour’ body with deeper forearm and waist contours similar to an early 1960s model was introduced. What it did retain was the 1970s-style headstock decal. The 1982/83 version of the Standard Stratocaster has little in common with the Dan Smith guitar, apart from the period when they were sold, but is sometimes informally (and controversially) presented as a "Dan Smith-era" or "redesign" guitar. After the Standard Stratocaster was discontinued in 1984, Fender Japan produced a 22-fret version with a flat 9.5" radius and medium-jumbo fretwire until 1986.[14]

If this is the same Dan Smith I guess like Picasso we know have Dan smith periods. The Early period, blues period, seven string period

1 Art

1.1 Before 1901
1.2 Blue Period
1.3 Rose Period
1.4 African-influenced Period
1.5 Cubism
1.6 Classicism and surrealism
1.7 Later works

Dan Smith.

1.1 Before 1982

1.2 First Dan Smith Strat Period

1.3 Dan Smith Offshoring Period ( Japan )

1.4 Second Offshore Period ( Korea)

1.5 Taco Period ( Mexico ) Squires

1.6 Surreal and Mythological Period

1.7 Later Works.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Angelspit - 100 percent

BBC Radio 1 Record of the week? Now we are getting somewhere woth yoof rebellion, Janet Street Fuckin Porter.

Tonefreqhz, A work in progress

This is a new venture. We are developing a guitar pickup impulse response suite of products which will have Free software driving it. We have launched with a range of impulse responses called the Vintage Quality collection and will over the coming months produce the impullses from the extensive stock at Break Out Guitars Halmstad Sweden. The product is for use as a Studio plug in for re - axeing clean guitar tracks. The Product is being designed so that it will give a selection of available tones from the collection of impulses for a foot switch. The foot pedal will have a home brew Raspberry Pi / Arduino capability or our own Custom pedal will also be available. Line 6 Tone Core developer pedal is also a suitable host. The impulses can be wrapped up and used as case candy or for demo purposes by Guitar sellers or as Merch / Fan Give aways for Bands. Our product is effectively doing what AcmeBarGifts Red Shift pick up replacer does just with actual Guitar impulses. Our impulses work on any convolution engine ( Of course they do? why wouldn't they its just a sine sweep induced signal from the Pickups) effectively it is what the Kempner profiling amp does for Rigs just for Guitars. The Impulses work great in already available fantastic products such as Bodilizer , Jconvolve, Sounddesigner, IR-a Live etc our challenge is to make it plug in and playable on the floor with usb switch-ability for the different channels.


We can all do lots of things if we practice.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Let Them eat Cake Live Acoustic



Always cite your sources heres a few.



On Line DOcument with links to reading and Video SOurce information.



A conversation about Money and Debt.
I subscribe to an online blog that regularly sends Market analysis and I find the information really quite helpful to try to make sense of what is currently happening in our Economy and why.
I personally believe that the current situation is worse than in 2007/2008 as the Central Banks *( Which are essentially controlled privately ( certainly the Fed) are allowing the concentration of more power into a smaller number of huge Global Banking Brands, we are asked to believe that stronger regulation and a stricter enforcement of liquidity ( Reserves(shareholder capital) to Issue of Debt money, will prevent what happened in 2007/2008. This is an over optimistic view which remarkably the Banks seem to be selling to our Governements.
I am supporting an organisation called Positivemoney.org.uk they are seeking a reform of fractional reserve banking. One thing that is certain is that the 3% longterm compound growth required to keep the money supply growing to support the debt money system is impossible to support indefinitely.
With stormy water ahead where economies have met their Debt ceilings the so called PIIGS. the UK and its current Austerity measures will I believe make Margaret Thatchers early 1980's decimation of UK manufacturing look like afternoon tea with the Bishop.This time round there are no Unions to Blame, No arthur Scargill only what is left of the Welfare State.
The attached Analysis points to a current overvaluation in the Stockmarket another Bubble just as another tech bubble looks like it is getting going as well. Real incomes are severely squeezed and aggregate demand in the real economy is very very weak. Globalisation is doing similar damage to the UK economy that the Elitism of the Premier league football has done to the National Football team it is destroying our grass roots economy which is the tax base of the economy.
I think that Positive money.org is the best thing I have come across as a vehicle to try to get some sovereign interests recognised again in British Economic policy and wanted to ask you to take a look at their message and start a discussion about these really important matters by helping each other and our wider circle of family and friends to identify and understand the importance of these issues we might be able to limit the amount of damage the coalition seem compelled toward committing on our National interests as expressed from the view point of the greater majority of the population.


Mish's Global Market Analysis
Standard YouTube License

Free Guitar Lesson, Learn a New Tune today. Be the Changes you want to hear in the world.

AS SEEN IN NME (featured in Video Section on line magazine) (OK so its not of dead tree significance)
http://www.nme.com/nme-video/youtube/id/7WVa88GrXmY/search/black%20mountainCLICK TO VIEW ON NME 30 Minute Woodshed featured NME photo NME2.jpg

This is a lovely tune, I plan doing a few more of these Bert Jansch Classics as 30 minute wood shed lessons. The idea is to provide an intimate chatty and un rushed atmosphere in which the tunes, which can be quite challenging, can become more familiar and associated with a conversation. A sort of mind mapping of the musical content. http://30minutewoodshed.weebly.com/br /

Learn to play this classic with the first of my 30 minute woodshed series. If it works for you subscribe to my reverb nation channel and treat yourself or subject yourself to a download. http://www.reverbnation.com/belmontjam The Video breaks the Song down into its main sections. You can download and print out the Tab here, the numbering of the tab is relative to the capo so the fret numbers apply exactly as written to the normal frets without the Capo as I demonstrate the song in the video. Just tune the low E down to t D and you are set to play.

 TAB HERE: Blackwaterside Tab by Bert Jansch @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com


 Listen to these versions to get a feel for the rhythm Heres a lInk to Songster.


 The Classic Bert Jansch.

No Capo, Love this one.

The Led Zep allbum Version


Led Zeppelin - Black Mountain Side - YouTube[/url]

Blocked but hey this isnn't

 At the Albert Hall on the Danelectro

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

24 Hours of Daylight. Farming in Umea

My father in law is a mobile combine harvester engineer and was telling me about a client who grows Malt 10 hours drive North of Stockholm. The planting season is Late May early June, The Snow goes around the second week of May and is back some time in October. But he plants and harvests along with his neighbors several thousand acres most years ( Last Year the Snow beat the Harvest window.) The point being there is 22 hrs of Sunlight June July August September. This made me think about the Solar energy implications in a linked system Nothern and southern hemispheres. Obviously its an interesting example of how our pre disposed notions of what is possible can be challenged?

Umeå - sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for the whole year in a graph
Date Sunrise Sunset Length Change Dawn Dusk Length Change
Today 03:24 22:05 18:41 01:22 23:59 22:37
+1 day 03:27 22:02 18:35 00:06 shorter 01:33 23:50 22:17 00:20 shorter
+1 week 03:46 21:43 17:57 00:44 shorter 02:17 23:09 20:52 01:45 shorter
+2 weeks 04:08 21:20 17:12 01:29 shorter 02:53 22:32 19:39 02:58 shorter
+1 month 04:56 20:25 15:29 03:12 shorter 03:59 21:22 17:23 05:14 shorter
+2 months 06:22 18:40 12:18 06:23 shorter 05:35 19:27 13:52 08:45 shorter
+3 months 07:49 16:56 9:07 09:34 shorter 07:00 17:46 10:46 11:51 shorter
+6 months 08:46 14:56 6:10 12:31 shorter 07:44 15:58 8:14 14:23 shorter
Notes: Daylight saving time, * = Next day. Change preferences.

Umeå, Sweden - Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times, graph

Umeå - sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for the whole year in a graph
23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 00
Darkness Dawn Sunshine Dusk Notes: How to read this graph? Change preferences.

Umeå, Sweden - Sun path diagram

Umeå - Sun path diagram (solar path diagram, sun chart, solar chart)
Sun path
June 21
December 21
Annual variation
Equinox (March and September)
Notes: = Daylight saving time, * = Next day. How to read this graph? Change preferences.

Umeå, Sweden - Solar energy and surface meteorology

Insolation, kWh/m²/day0.100.712.
Clearness, 0 - 10.260.430.500.560.520.510.480.460.430.400.320.15
Temperature, °C-8.05-7.97-4.490.547.1612.5115.1713.538.793.52-2.15-6.01
Wind speed, m/s5.865.814.994.734.614.274.584.594.925.805.735.87
Precipitation, mm463534313538566864546250
Wet days, d18.014.813.911.910.911.
These data were obtained from the NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Science Data Center; New et al. 2002
Notes: Help. Change preferences.

Umeå, Sweden - Basic information

Latitude: +63.83 (63°49'48"N)
Longitude: +20.24 (20°14'24"E)
Time zone: UTC+1 hours
Local time: 09:59:02
Country: Sweden
Continent: Europe
Sub-region: Northern Europe
Distance: ~900 km (from your IP)
Altitude: ~20 m
Change preferences.

Umeå on world map. Features current solar terminator dividing day and dark sides of earth. Antarctica Americas Africa Oceania Oceania Europe Asia

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Reality Check, University of Life. Your Place or mind?

My reading into concepts of reality have got as far as this song which I am now going to work up into a 3 minute arrangement with necessary editing etc.

I was not going to post any of my doodling as I wrote the song but Nik ( Thermionik) has been chatting with me over on MLP forum and I responded with this post as follows

You must speak quietly, Roger.
There are many here who would
shoot intellectuals on sight, and
we might get caught in the crossfire.....

Heres the Current Draft Lyric for my Reality song, the tune is a mash up of a 12 bar in A, Soul Man riff and also the hook from Get back by the Beatles. Some work to do on the arrangement and lyrics I intend to index the references to different source material which I read and what the verses are references too. Such as Nicolas Taleb, fooled by Randomness.


[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUVAlyOMaWI]Reality Check University of Life - YouTube[/url]

And the Man said, get à reality check.
You got a bad attitude son.
Says he lives in the real world
University of life

And the man said, suck it up son,
You dont know your born,
Aint no wrong side of the tracks
University of life.

Said to the man, dont you know reality bites
Said to the man dont you know reality bites

Man says your educated Beyond your intelligence
He says thinking is the wrong sort of school
Just accept What the bossman says
University of life

The man says suck it up son
Says he lives in the real world
Get à reality check
University of life

Said to the man, dont you know reality bites
Said to the man dont you know reality bites

The man Aint listening no more
He says the heart dont greeve  What the eye dont see
The man Aint seein no more
The man Aint Feelin no more

The man says suck it up son
Says he lives in the real world
Just accept What the bossman says
University of life

Said to the man, dont you know reality bites
Said to the man dont you know reality bites
Reality Aint What it seems
School of hard knocks

Russian roulette one in six
Aint no odds laid on infinity
Said to the man dont you know reality bites
School of hard knocks

The man says he seen the script
Hear the man recite the narrative
On the soap opera tv dinner
Steak With bernays sauce

Said to the man, dont you know reality bites
Said to the man dont you know reality bites
Reality Aint What it seems
School of hard knocks

Russian roulette one in six
Aint no odds laid on infinity
Said to the man dont you know reality bites
School of hard knocks

Aint got nothin to lose
Freedom just à Way of seeing
Aint no losin just returnin
School of epictetus, refer to handbook

Some Outline notes on concepts which I am trying to relate too.

Reality is à slice of infinity,
Make sure you try a piece.
Plenty to go around
Add seasoning to taste





Abstract constructs

Incompleteness and uncertainty
Are in the nature of infinity
Falsifiability is in the nature of reality
Subjects of defined limits create reality

One can create or falsify ones own reality
Reality as objective,subjective or abstract
Is all an absract construct relative to subjective limits placed on the infinite continuum.

There are many realities, but Only one infinity
Infinity encompasses all realities
Realities are faceted With infinite perspectives
Perscribed reality is not necessarily evident

Levin, Martin LD35 Made in Sweden