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Reality is Infinity is Love is Infinite

Real Love reality is.

Self is Love, is Self Love is I, I Love Look in myself, Love is within
Love thou, Thou Art Love Thou art other, you are love love each other, We are Love look for Love, Love is Without.
Know love, Know each other See Love See Each Other Love is We ,We are Love Love each other, Each is Love

Love is Everything, Everything is Love All is everything, Everything is Love Love everything, Love Everyone Love Everything, Everyone is love
Love is Real, Real is Love Love Reality, Reality is Real Reality is Love, Love is Reality Reality is everywhere, Everywhere is Love
Love is the centre Love has no Circumfrence Everywhere is the centre The centre is soul, Soul is Love
The purpose is Love is The Purpose. Love is the Heart infinite reality is Love. Infinity is Reality is Infinity Love is Infinite, Infinity is Love
Be Love,be infinite Love is infinity Love is The purpose of Love is . Love is
We are it is all is Love Roger G Lewis 2013.…