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The War on Pubic Hair, The Pentagons latest wheeze.Style over Substance Minimalist performance

Jorge It would be great to Jam with you here or someday in Venezuela.
Thanks to all for the encouragement, right now I have a real notion of the sheer amount of practice involved ( for me I know this for sure) in getting to a point where everything flows and actually flows naturally on top of that then is the optional veneer of performance.
On performance that is another learning curve which for me I have to get past the Style over content prejudice that I have built up rather dogmatically I'm afraid.
An analogy to this is Johanna and I went to pick up the tiles for our new bathroom the other day we got them from where her sister Alma Works with a 40% discount. The Showroom was an amazing place with all manner of Taps ( Fossets) Tiles, Baths Shower Heads, beautifully designed very artistic. How well made they all were? how sound the washers? how well glazed the tiles? and so forth, I couldn't tell you but obviously those elements of the specifications were not the purpose of the displays. I am and always have been very interested in things being well made for serving their function and that is the primary concern of course, then making them attractive is human nature as well. Buy the product not the packaging, although the Packaging is used so often to elevate the product into something it really does not denote. My latest bug bear is the war on Pubic Hair , when I was in london I saw a street advert and it actually said Our Newest Product in the War against Pubic Hair, I wondered if it was connected to the war on Terror, or the War on Drugs at one point but, it didn't have a government stamp on it.It was from Loreal or some other cosmetics company.
Writing that I do wonder if cosmetics companies still call themselves that.

Anyway I digress, I have to admit that some sort of visual and verbal connection for an audience of strangers is important It was always said and still is as far as I know ´´You do not get a second chance to make a first impression´´and a lot of people will make up their mind whether they will like you or not just by looking at you before one even strums a chord or opens ones mouth. Past that first factor then comes familiarity the familiarity of the audience to what one plays. I have not heard of many un known Musicians that recommend playing all original material, fairly faithful facsimiles to popular originals it seems is what gets most audiences engaged to some degree ( They may then tolerate something new or for them obscure).

Even when I convince myself that I can put together reasonably engaging versions of songs which I believe in I am still not convinced that performance could ever really be a part of what I practiced although I have to admit that the performance is a big part of getting a song across and is more than actually just doing it and believing in it its an outward physical sign of what you're communicating through the song and like body language does contain much of the content people de code when communicating.I am always surprised how many people say they do not pay any attention to lyrics in songs but a lot of people have said to me that they do not, I will make a point of asking in future if these people also listen with their eyes closed and I will know then that visual aspects of the actual songs performance is not an issue for people who neither listen to the Lyrics or with their eyes open.

Don't worry I do not think this will usher in an Spandex period in my Guitar Journey it is just something that has started to enter my thoughts and even If Spandex were the answer I really really do not want to become as complete as that as a performer.To go back to the Bathrooms I think at best I could only ever be minimalist in the aspects of performance related to cosmetic matters.

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