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The apparent Anti Islamist undercurrent in Social Media and the Main Stream.(Are Moslems the Analogue for the Jews in 1930's Europe?)

A video posted in Facebook which seemed to be causing quite a stir and provoking an outpouring of anti Islamic feeling made me wonder whether or not I was being over sensitive to the Fringe opinions from both Fundamental Nationalist and Fundamental Islamist being painted as widely held by the largely moderate opinion of most?

The Video.

Roger Glyndwr LewisI watched the Video, I do not see how it is representative of either the wider  Islamic community in the UK or of the British Community either. I actually found it very silly, I do not agree with the extremist message of the gentleman the young lady was speaking with but at the same time I wonder what the motivation of the young lady and that of the film makers is. 15 hours ago · Like · 1 Tom Caswell

´´A Bill in the Hand is worth 99 in the bank''. Apples Cash Mountain is it real. ( Theres more than one bite out of the Apple stash?)

In the Republic Plato relates Socrates explaination how Wives and Children should be held in common and not identified with a single family group. The reason was so that there would be no familial loyalties to distract from loyalty to the state. Its a strange analogue to the A banking system where virtually everyone identifies to the same piece of paper calls it their own when in fact everyone else makes the same claim but believes their money remains theirs and they will get it back. If one were to apply the wisdom of soloman and tear the mighty green back into so many millions of pieces the pieces would be real enough but would it still be useful as money or real in a money sense? It is definitely true here to pause and  remember that a Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.Perhaps ´´A Bill in the Hand is worth 99 in the bank''.

Apple have the problem 145 billion times over but as they are likely to be further up the que than say you or me are their Dollar Bills more re…

Hats off to Roy Harper. Epic critique of the Iraq War .

I was watching this I spotted it today and remembered this interview when it was originally screened on Old Grey Whistle Test in 1984. I remember Jimmy laking about having not played for a long time and getting his chops back together from not being able to change chords properly.I decided to look at some of the Roy Harper Stuff.


I'm Glad I did, I am transfixed by this masterpiece of a Song.



Jimmy Page went up in my Estimation Zepplin did  a song , Hats of to Roy Harper and guess what Their right!


Blair and Bush indicted at the HAgue now and O…

Apples Cash Mountain. Is it real?

Ruminating on the Apple Cash Mountain? it isn't actually cash if it were it would account for

 about 15% of all US issued notes and coins in circulation. ( according to the following two sources)

´Apple has a cash stockpile of $145bn (£95bn), but the Senate committee said $102bn of this was held offshore.´

from the fed.

There was approximately $1.19 trillion in circulation as of May 15, 2013, of which $1.14 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes.

If you still think money exists as folding Green? , lets see what William Taylor Colleridge had to say about this?
 Table Talk.
this from 27th April 1823.
The national debt has, in fact, made more men rich than have a right to be so, or, rather, any ultimate power, in case of a struggle, of actualizing their riches. It is, in effect, like an ordinary, where three hundred tickets have been distributed, but where there is, in truth, room only…