Monday, 25 February 2013

The Universeum Gotenberg. An Ecological inspiration and an Essay on Aristotle's Four Causes.

A day of Spring Cleaning of sorts, Spring Tidy Up in the Studio at any rate. A full stop to the previous paragraph and the Chapter which has been the last 3 years. The Universeum was a revalation last Friday I used 2 of my original tracks and a Cover of Summertime in my Video Tribute to Gert Wingårdh's work of ecological and Architectural genius.



I will be spending some time over the next few weeks writing an essay inspired by Gert's masterpiece based around Aristotle's Four Causes, the building and sustainability as reality. I will be combining the essay with some reading I have to do with respect to a Socratic Dialectic I am having with a correspondent at the Golem XIV blog, Hawkeye AKA The Forensic Statistician.

Hawkeye February 21, 2013 at 12:55 pm #
Hi Roger
There are some very practical reasons why oil has held sway as a dominant energy source. It is a highly compact and dense storage medium (not just a source of energy):
Even if we could liberate a bounty of “free” energy, there are consequences and limits to what we can exploit:
None of this undermines your valid point about Capitalism requiring monopoly access to energy inputs though. And they are certainly very good at that !! But the monopolisation doesn’t prove that there is a better / bountiful alternative.
In olden times, it was sunlight that mainly provided energy, mostly in the forms of agriculture and working animals. Hence the wars at that time were over monopolisation of land (e.g. empire expansion). Monopolisation has always exploited abundance, not suppressed it.
What we should work towards is the democratisation of energy resources (regardless of any limitations, but especially accepting that there probably are real limits to what is available), and the equitable distribution of it.
  • Roger February 21, 2013 at 1:18 pm #
    Hi Hawkeye,
    I’m still not buying the
    ” It is a highly compact and dense storage medium (not just a source of energy):´´
    Last line of this blog I did on this question. Having seen the oil Claim her previously,
    ´´The standard line is that it is portable and relatively cheap to extract , when one starts off down that road incredulity is but a few steps around the corner.”
Some catching up to do with friends and those two Bert Jansch Classics Needle of Death and Sweet like a bright Sunday morning to get learnt also finishing off learning the Chord Melody arrangement of Sweet Child of Mine.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Ship of Theseus, The Good Ship revolution. | LinkedIn

The Ship of Theseus, The Good Ship revolution. | LinkedIn

The Ship of Theseus, The Good Ship revolution.

My guitar Transplanting exploits of the past 5 days called to mind Triggers new Broom. ´´Rogers New Axe''. I have also been thinking about the Cuban ingenuity in maintaining 1950´s detroit steel without spare parts. The new austerity as catalyst to revolutionary indignation, is the return of ingenuity and individual creativity,Is Necessity really the mother of invention.
The invisible hand the counter balance ; The Oligarchs accidental deus ex machina.
It is always the Hammer and never the Anvil that breaks. Feeling very revolutionary and highly motivated to Tackle the Tapeworm parasites of Washington, Westminster, Wall Street and The City of London. Lets stop sweeping the roads and start sweeping away the corruption.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Real Debate on CLimate Science Mathmatics, Modelling and selective bias.

Hi Joe,

I must say I find this polarised sort of nonsense quite tiresome.

Science is not about consensus and rhetoric has no part in the scientific method.

I am an environmentalist and an anarchist no freind of either the corporate main stream or Political tyrranies in place over the world.

My own view on the CO2 debate is that it is a Straw man that lets the poluters off the hook who is bluffing who and why is impossible to tell

what is clear is that actually the Climate modelling is as suspect as the economic modeling in its over enthusiastic use of techniques that are both probabalistic and in many cases being applied outside of their designed purpose.

Before wringing ones hands and looking like a complete Flake I would suggest some reading, I have been resolved to studying the science and indeed matyhamatics of this for the past 3 years soap boxes no not make for good science labs.

I blogged a conversation I had with a freind on Facebook, he uses the denial type rhetoric too, Claes Johnson I think is actually on the side of seeking truth reading his stuff will at least lead to a better understanding of the science.

On 13 February 2013 11:55, NatCAN wrote:

Hi All

Perhaps we should seriously consider an article about Global Warming that contains these words:

'There is no scientific controversy over this. Climate change denial is purely, 100 per cent made-up political and corporate-sponsored crap.'

When significant parts of the corporate media are openly embracing and indeed pushing climate 'scepticism', is there any meaningful justification for this in the climate science? No. Geochemist James Lawrence Powell recently conducted an exhaustive study of the peer-reviewed literature on climate science. Going back over 20 years, his search yielded 13,950 scientific papers. Of these, only 24 'clearly rejected global warming or endorsed a cause other than carbon dioxide emissions for the observed warming of 0.8 degrees since the beginning of the industrial era.'

Powell said:

'Only one conclusion is possible: within science, global warming denial has virtually no influence. Its influence is instead on a misguided media, politicians all-too-willing to deny science for their own gain, and a gullible public.'


'Scientists do not disagree about human-caused global warming. It is the ruling paradigm of climate science, in the same way that plate tectonics is the ruling paradigm of geology. We know that continents move. We know that the earth is warming and that human emissions of greenhouse gases are the primary cause.'

To see the entire article, which contains spectacular video footage of ice collapse, follow this link

Cheers, Joe - NatCAN Help ~Team

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Roger Glyndwr Lewis What a truly awful film Roy. I do wish that the focus could be more sharply drawn on the Shale Sands destruction of the environment in Canada and also the other poisons Industry spews into the environment with impunity. Making the polluters pay makes all the sense in the world. Turning it into a religion as an excuse to terrorise an already terrorised Human Family is a disgrace. Using renewable again makes all the sense in the world no disagreement from me on that who should pay Industry the capitalists not the already overburdened productive populations and those who would be if the system wasn't built with the purpose of built in structural unemployment and extraction of resources from Developing Nations.

January 15 at 6:30pm · Like..Roger Glyndwr Lewis I offer no comment but science is supposed to examine all points of view.

The Bolt Report

Episode 23. Special climate panel discussion with Professor Garth Paltridge, Professor Peter Ridd and Professor Bob Carter..January 16 at 9:24am · Like · Remove Preview..Roy Madron No Roger. science has to consider and test all the EVIDENCE. Points of view are for the dinner table and the pub. Science is doing its work as honestly and rigorously as it can within the constraints that political and corporate Neanderthals have imposed upon it.

January 16 at 10:26am · Like..Roger Glyndwr Lewis Highly recommended, what to do on the question of the crazy economic model the world pursues at the end of the barrel of a gun, actually.

Exponential Economist Meets Finite Physicist
Do the Math

WHilst on the Subject of doing the MAths, Claes Johnson is worth a read,

Exponential Economist Meets Finite PhysicistPosted on 2012-04-10 by tmurphy1347 ...views this month; 0 overallSome while back, I found myself sitting next to an accomplished economics professor at a dinner event. Shortly after pleasantries, I said to him, “economic growth cannot continue indefinitely,”...See More.January 16 at 10:38am · Like · Remove Preview..Roger Glyndwr Lewis Roy the original film is far from scientific and is worthy of Fox news. Something needs to be done but the whole carbon thing seeks to obscure the drivers of our mad notions of growth and competition and goes very easy on the underlying money system which is equally nuts. The politicos and Economists are calling the shots here not the Hard science wonks and he who pays the piper is calling the tune. Occupy the environomet!

January 16 at 10:43am · Like..Roger Glyndwr Lewis In modeling Roy you can't escape the choices you adopt in your parameter definititions and limits thats a point of view they are open to selective bias and can be used to emphasise ones convictions.

Scientific method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The scientific method (or simply scientific method) is a body of techniques for ...investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.[1] To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific p...See More.January 16 at 12:11pm · Like · Remove Preview..Roy Madron Agreed the film is not scientific, but that is not the point. It relies on evidence from science to make its argument. Evidence is what ultimately shapes and redefines scientific work. Sure as Kuhn showed, the dominant paradigm determines a lot of wh...See More

January 16 at 12:33pm · Like..Roger Glyndwr Lewis My main concern about the dominant paradigm Roy is whether the FIx allowed by the Neanderthalls does what is required in areas that will make a difference( as you know that has to get away from Growth into steady state and sustainable models, the econo...See More

January 16 at 12:56pm · Like..Roger Glyndwr Lewis John Phillips

Not speaking for Jerry, but models can be confirmed and improved by testing. Testing climate models is difficult and takes time (by measuring actual climate over time and comparing with the models). Testing how the climate processes the p...See More

January 16 at 2:11pm · Unlike · 1..Roger Glyndwr Lewis Above from here, Scientists do discuss this stuff scientifically still there is no such thing as settled science.

American Thinker – the Difference between a Smoking Gun and a Science Paper

Gary Thompson at American Thinker recently produced an article The AGW Smoking G...un. In the article he takes three papers and claims to demonstrate that they are at odds with AGW. A key component of...See More.      

WHilst on the Subject of doing the MAths, Claes Johnson is worth a read,

99% 0f the world Unite, you have nothing to lose but your Debt!


And 6 billion pairs of Eyes stared Back,
and didn't like what they saw. 


concept of the thin blue line, the 

tipping point, the fragility of the 

illusion of power had been recognised.

 we the 99%, We the people are the


Six Billion liberated people shook their 


and shouted NO! 


The Plantsman, 2013 ( R. G . Lewis) 

AZERI xeyir
BOBO aïlle
BURMESE ma hoke phu / hmar te
CHEROKEE tla / hla
CHINESE pù shi
GALLO nanni
GUARANÍ nahániri
HINDI nahin
KHMER thay
KOREAN ahneo
KURDISH no / na
LAO bo
LATIN minime (not at all), non (and repetition of the verb)
MALAY tidak
MAORI kaore
MONGOLIAN ugui (Yгvй)
PERSIAN kheyr / na
RUSSIAN Нет (niet)
SHONA aiwa
SWAHILI siyo / hapana
TAGALOG hindi (po)
TAMIL illaï
TELUGU kadhu
THAI ไม่ (maï) / ไม่ใช่ (maï chaï)
UDMURT oevoel (with nouns) / ug (with verbs)
URDU نهين (nahin)
WALOON ("betchfessîs" spelling) neni
WELSH nage
WOLOF déedéet
ZULU cha

And the Baards of wales would not give praises to the conquering Edward,
instead they spoke words of truth in poem and song
made insolence by violence of the Crown and
they were burnt at the stake for the truth they Spake.

What principality this that burns its priests for speaking truth against the tyrant.
The Baards of Cymru Eire Cornwall Brettagn, Syntagma & St Pauls
reach out to us across the energy of re incarnated spirit and language
Past Heroes deeds and words emulated to assuage

As once the tyrant Tribute sought
These new Caesars take all yet offer nought
once more we offer Insolence in Poetry Song rhyme and reason
to tell the truth thats painted Treason.

Original Poem By Roger Lewis.
After. Arany János' masterpiece.

Arany János was Hungary's greatest epic poet and wrote this poem shortly after the visit of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph to Hungary following defeat in the 1848-49 revolution war. Originally intended to be a poem to praise the Emperor, Arany, Janos used the story that King Edward I of England had 500 bards executed after his conquest of Wales in 1277. The poem is set in Montgomery mid Wales.

''Tierra y Libertad"

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Swedish Enlightenment.

I moved to Sweden from the UK three years ago. My Partner is swedish and we wanted our Children to go to school here.
There is a neo liberal agenda here as well, there is still real opposing organisation against it though, and the more preposterous claims made for free markets , are seen for the Grandiose claims they really are. The Jante Läger mind set tends to expose overblown claims by any one actor in any situation.
What Sweden really got right was its early 90's Bank bail out again the practical northern bluntness insisted on a bail out that involved moral hazard a no strings blank cheque was not written.
Sweden's New deal back in the 1930's has proved more durable and believable than Roosevelt's New Deal in the US and also the Post war home for heroes overtures of the British Establishment. Of course the US federalist papers have been all but burnt in the US and Tyranny is the order of the day within the Aligned US/ petro Dollar Hegemony.
It is interesting that sweden remains outside the Euro and would probably reject it in a referendum. The Swedes being between The Eastern Block and West for the Cold war period I think have been left with a legacy of both ears and both eyes open as to the strengths and weaknesses from both sides. The polarised modern Theatrical politics with interchangeable Black and white hats isn't really the Viking style. There are great advantages to spades being called spades indeed Bloody Shovels!

There is a real link with the Land here in sweden and as a nation with real appreciation of the environment and unimpressed by false constructs the swedes are rather more difficult to fob off with the outrageous lies and myths spun by the current state fascism in vogue in US and UK and clearly in Brussels and Strasbourg. The Swedish brand of State monopoly Capitalism really does honour its stakeholders ,sure some are more equal than others, but, the obscene inequality of the US and UK is not seen here. There is a Churchillian one nation type of Safety net. In the spirit Level report (Wilson and Picket) the importance to more equal wealth distribution to the sense of Natural well being in all demographic strata is clearly shown. The US and Uk should be taking more careful notes Trickle Down is nonsense, as James Robertson calls it ´´´Horseshit Economics´´!

Even before the 1930's there was a royal commission in Sweden back at the fin de secle which addressed the massive migration to the new world and the move to Social democracy was really started with that, the ructions of the 1930's and tacit allegiance to Nazi Germany whilst maintaining neutrality certainly is another example of Swedish pragmatism The swedes are not a soft touch and know what is best for them in the long term and thats what has informed policy not the short term demands of Wall Street or the City of London.The Swedish Reichs Bank is one of the oldest central banks in existence it publishes some excellent research pointing to the frailties and excesses of the Spivs further West. Sweden is far from perfect and Nirvana isn't up for grabs, it is though for me the most modern and democratic society I have encountered and I look forward to becoming a Swedish Citizen, I was lucky that I was able to Vote with my feet. Those less fortunate should let their own Big Brothers know that they are also beiing obseved and found wanting Wall Streets Interests and thoses of The City of London are not the interests of the general populations of US or UK. Take note and change, for change will come Tyrannies do not endure and this one will be no exception.
There is still a trace of the enlightenment in Sweden, the US and UK are racing into the dark ages ( shame on them!)

Big Brother, yes You Big Brother. WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

Big Brother, yes You Big Brother. WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

  • Tweet For democracy and social justice send a message by setting a trend. We are watching you! represent us? or your mandate will be revoked.
    Parcel of Rogues In a Nation
    I was taken with this song and wanted to learn it , I found /DavieMacs arrangement and decided to have a go at singing along to that we have all been sold no...
  • You like this.
  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis Only me it seems? I am seriously wondering how best to send a message to our Political leadership that as a society we demand representation. It occured to me that the superficial upon which so much is given prominence in the Media is as good a way as any of sending a simple message to them. The message is ´´You are failing to represent our community interests, we are watching you and will withdraw our mandate if you do not start to put our interests first'' Withdrawing our mandate can be represented by all sorts of simple protests seemingly insignificant but which add up to a collective rasberry in the direction of the leadership that is failing us and who we wish to replace or put on Report as it were.
  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis Time to stop the Tail wagging the dog.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Ides of March? Spring will Spring?

Several Inches of Snow outside and yet February is racing past. I have been researching my first Novel for the past two years and have made a good start, its all plotted and planned out and now its the 10,000 words a day bit which I will begin in earnest with this post.

I think it is widely touted about that most first novels are autobiographical to some degree? I have nothing to base that upon , other than my impression that it is banded about and as such forms part of what I take as read. Well thats what my novel is about our perceptions and acceptance of what we are told is settled. Whether it is consensus in Climate Science , or that money doesn't grow on trees or that inflation is the great enemy and markets know best.

The biographical bit in my case is unavoidable, the philosopher in me tells me that Aristotle was certainly speaking for my way of thinking in his opening to the Metaphysics,

"ALL men by nature desire to know. An indication of this is the delight we take in our senses; for even apart from their usefulness they are loved for themselves; and above all others the sense of sight. For not only with a view to action, but even when we are not going to do anything, we prefer seeing (one might say) to everything else. The reason is that this, most of all the senses, makes us know and brings to light many differences between things. ´´

Some experience hopefully will translate into saying something about Life, My working Title is ''The Plantsman´´ and All plants are ornamental and genetically programmed to die after two weeks, the plantsman retains a secret and illegal hobby, this hobby is set to challenge the accepted wisdom that nature is not benign but the enemy.

My main character is based on this chap who I used to be once and he is the Villain.