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Why Governments should take their( our) Wallet Back from the Banks.

The emo spoilt brat, trustafarian Bankers have stolen the Family wallet and Dad is in the Pawn shop pawning mums wedding ring to get some groceries for the weekend. The brat is off Skiing for the weekend on the largesse of Dads wallet of course.
Solution, Take the wallet back tell the brat that they should earn their own money and save up for a skiing trip from their own money earned from their Saturday Job.

Banks create money from nothing and lend it to the government. Governments bail out banks when they go bust. Banks couldn't do the thin air thing without government blessing. The creation of money and whats called seniorage ( the profit over production cost) belongs to the commons( Thats all of us). Money is a means of exchange , a tool when it has the form it has today, its called FIAT money, money that gets its authority at the end of a gun ( by FIAT). The analogy is not to Households borrowing from Banks its more like The snotty nosed teenager has Dads wallet So dad has to …

Debt Jubilee, Inflation a Jubilee of sorts.

It just occurred to me reading this.( Inflation could be seen as a sort of built in Debt jubilee, by stealth.

The doubling time at 2% inflation is 35 years.

Biblical jubilees were every 50 years or so. Implying an indexed jubilee rate of inflation of 1.4%

70/50= 1.4%   Back of an envelope stuff, the property developer in me is taking a long time to exorcise.

This is a very fair blog discussing and trying to get to grips with the idea of Debt Jubillee, Reading the comments is helpful too.

We're all Niggers Now.

"Your music should be abou' where you're from an' the sort o' people yeh come from.—Say it once, say it loud, I'm black an' I'm proud ...—The Irish are the niggers of Europe, lads."
The Commitments.

Envy is a terrible thing like Jealousy, very destructive.

The system sets up the Beautiful Rich people as role models and then punishes us all for falling short of the impossible standards mythologised in its own propaganda and we are then chastised for not being worthy.
I started my day today doing some reading on the Juxtaposition of Context and Motivation. Kiplings line in If , you can walk the unforgiving minute and build it back up with broken tools springs to mind(Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;)
The way I see it is that almost everybody is a victim here ( even to an extent the complicit and ignorant perpetrators ( forgive them father f…

Wardrobe Malfunction and the Corporate State.

Wardrobe Malfunction and the Corporate State.

Confirmation bias is built into the probabilistic mathematics of the scientific method. One of the many truths we seek is that there is no single truth Plurality denies hedgemonic precedencey and biasś are born as so many Ptolemaic epicycles in support of un justifiable paradigms.

This is the basis of my 2013 new years resolution.
Posted to Facebook earlier.

The most positive thing I can think of for 2013 is to work on the Hypothesis that everything should be questioned, nothing taken for granted. Always mistrust power and authority and only ever submit to its demands as requests and not if they are patently against your own good conscience.
The State the Government , Large Corporations are all sat in the same Boat and like the Titanic any life rafts are reserved for the first Class Passengers. Not a man Jack of them gives a flying hoot about you, your family or your community the best solution, embrace the Bristol Pound( More widely monetary r…