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Tone woods and Solid Guitars. Debate settled, scientifically.

Video with full analysis.

Tone wood A/B Scientific analysis of Alder and Maple tone bars on Teufell Birdfish.
This experiment can be replicated yourself at home using the following free trial software.

Sound files from Teufell.
A/B of Teufell Birdfish. Birdfish-Alder-HB3_Bridge-01

From Warmouth

From Warmouth.
Alder (Alnus rubra):

Alder is used extensively for bodies because of its lighter weight (about four pounds for a Strat® body) and its full sound. Its closed grain makes this wood easy to finish. Alder's natural color is a light tan with little or no distinct grain lines. It looks good with a sunburst or a solid color finish. Because of its fine characteristics and lower price, Alder is our most popular wood and it grows all around us here in Washington State. The tone is reputed to be most balanced with equal…

The Narcissism of Small Differences. In Group Bias.

I posted this long comment in a Blog I read regularly. GolemXIV is a Lighthouse for me which I trust to navigate through the Smoke and Interference of Mainstream and other subjective scripts on the purpose and direction of World and Domestic affairs.

I have read the recent articles and the extent of and quality of analysis available here on Davids site coupled with the reference links of the many active and visiting contributors point to an ever clearer picture of the Money Elite problem.
Many here have studied these subjects in great depth, we all have been impacted by the system and have our own experiences of its Bounties and punishments. I remain frustrated as to how one combats the indifference, fear and denial that remains as the outward and admitted perceptions of many people.
I have read often here of others encountering the eyes of their friends glazing over and the uncomfortable impression given “Oh please not th…