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Gideons moldy old pasty of an economic policy.

How to counter the dogmatic sado masochisitc ex Etonian Kabal currently residing at noś 10 and 11 Downing Street.

Just checking in to re affirm my commitment to this Idea David. I see it as a powerful method of getting some informed un sponsored critique of the present hedgemony into the wider mainstream debate.
Take the GDP news and un reporting of the same on the BBC. Mish Shedlock writes on it today and Steph Flanders is given the job of spinning the up side ( The figures will be revised?)
Just now
It seems Gideons Pasty pasting budget is not working.
An old etonian Toff
was often noted to scoff
Whilst Brosiering His dame
Economical Actualite IS the name of the game
I’ll tax the upper Crust off your pasty
now your all Fagging for me
I always preferred Cheshire PorkY Pies
In Cuisine and in Deed you see.
Take …

Plato's Cave, Tales from the Libetarian Drive in Cinema.

A discussion I am having on Linked in. at the moment lead me to the idea of plato's cave as the American drive in Cinema imagine two people each recognising the same film but each being played a different soundtrack based on the same movie giving a completely different perspective take the Music the dialogue the advertisements played in the intermission and so forth. This becomes a modern version of the prisoners reaction to the images flickering on the wall of Plato's cave.
Often one comes across the Alex Jones position regarding a Tea Party View of the American problem with its second Great Depression. Poor old Marx gets the Blame or some  Racial or Religious Minority . Islam  perhaps or the old favorite of the Red Menace.
It will be interesting to discuss the position of the libertarian Right which I think is probably what is represented in the links That Robert Darrel Brown JR has posted and which I have viewed with interest and duly noted the messages contained.
My purp…

Launch of Guitarvisation and salesvisation


Viking sound Cooperative in association with are pleased to announce the newest sensation on the Internet.

Based on the successful video social media platform, 123 flash, the site provides real time video interaction between Guitarists Jamming, Teachers and students interacting and touring musicians sharing tips and tricks backstage on the tour bus and from digs. Truly a cooperative structure artists and teachers receive a fair share % of revenue voted democratically  by cooperative members. Air guitar miles which members and fans can collect or purchase are fully convertible to cash via pay pal or on line banking, details on the site.

salesvisation is also being launched by the cooperative as an on line interactive shopping experience with mom and pop music stores and independent craft retailers. Live on line interactive gear demos and sales consultations  available …

We are Sparticus ( Burn the Chains of debt)

QE is pointless it merely gives an illusion of economic activity and provides an intravenous drip to the zombie Banks at the expense of main street,

Central Bank money is not the same as the money used in the main street economy

this type of money is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Look at Itlay´s money supply or M4 in the Uk and you will see that the black hole represented by the zombie banks is insatiable.

Check out

some excellent tutorials by Werner and Black on money extinguishing on debt repayment.

We are Sparticus.
(Burn your Chains of debt)


We are sparicus we can burn these paper chains of debt

The Fat necks of the users will no longer own our sweat

We will remember for prometheus and use his gift of fire

we´ll burn our paper chains of debt, a massive funeral pyre.

Oh, Burn those paper chains throw them in the fire

own the sweat for your own sweet love

Don´t listen to those liars

Slaves …

On Busy Fools and Useful Idiots

The solution to this specific problem and from there so many others is staggeringly simple but its implementation is blocked by the very powerful vested interests this current
problem is a reiteration of the same problem that has echoed down the Ages from the time of Solon's reforms described variously but probably most famously by Plutarch.

David Greiber in his excellent book debt the first 5000 years has the full chronology in my mind it is on a par with A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russel.

The key is to building a community framework of understanding of the money creation process.
Famous quotes not withstanding by Henry Ford, and Meyer Rothschild this simple 30 minute talk gives an admirable start to any framework of understanding.



Heres a blog I did regarding my own framework of understanding…

The neo Wittgenstein's, Showing the Community Fly out of the corporate fascist Bottle.

Hi John,

There is definitely an inertia and apathy problem which is nurtured in the mainstream corporate media. The Types of Activism I engage in seek to address this mass conditioning and feeling of hopelessness a simple google of the term `Cognitive Dissonance`gives a good introduction to the psychology being targeted at the disenfranchised.

It is through engaging in a participative and collegiate education process that empowerment can be brought back at a local community level and the interaction of community groups can encourage and embolden direct action and civil disengagement from the exploitative mechanisms aimed at communities. The best defence agains a divide and conquer strategy is a sort of guerrilla cell structure that has strong social ties and loyalties that unite around common objectives with other community cells this sort of revolutionary strategy creates a polyphonous hydra of dissonant feeling against the highly ce…

The Swiss Hot bed of Anarchist Democracy and Cynical Bankers.

The Swiss System of Government is an interesting one, it is a highly regionalised model based on Cantons and important decisions are made locally within the cantons.
Switzerland is a rather unusual case in many ways but a case it is for Anarchistic flat organisational structures.
Here is a link to an interesting Anarchist blog called Government by Contract, based on the Swiss Canton model. Stakeholder oversight and consultation is what prevents the tall poppyś from becoming Triffids.

In Scandanavia there is a concept of the jantelagen, this is the subject of a blog I did last year on Tall poppyś.

Solons Reforms and this blog on an ironic reading of Plutarch by a Greek mystified by his own countries travails, also worth a read.

Socratic Management, learning by remembering.

In the 1990ś Sir John Harvey Jones ( The retired Chairman of I C I the Chemical Giant) presented a wonderful television series called Trouble shooter, I still have the book. I watched it eagerly as a young man and remember marvelling at the informal yet spellbinding wisdom that Sir John radiated in his trademark managing by walking around.

 fast forward to today and a blog I did last week about Lucian and his Auction of philosophers in the slave Market in Samos and the Pythagorian pitch of what his philosophy offered.'' I will not teach you I will remind you.´

Then we have Socrates and his philosophy and inquiry into the citizens of Athens daily perceptions of reality, government by walking around and remembering by the Famous Socratic method.

The Socratic school of management is born note bene.

My vote for the socratic manager of the 21st century is Ricardo Semler(1). the CEO and majority owner of Semco SA, a Brazilian company best known for its radical form of industrial de…

True Temperament Curly Frets

true temprement necks. Curly frets. written in 1 october 2010


I went into True Temperament\Paul Guy Guitars shop\Workshop in Stockholm this afteroon and met Anders Thidell the inventor of the True Temperament Fretting System, I was there for over an hour and had the opportunity to try out 3 instruments.
The first instrument I tried was Anders personal Stratocaster fretted to his own customised personal temperament
the second another Strat fitted with the standard true temperament, and the third was a beautiful custom made acoustic made by a Swedish Luthier and friend of Anders' fitted with one of Anders' own Necks again with the standard true temperament.
The two strats I played through a Fender Champ Vibratone there was a beautiful Fender Showman Valve Amp there with a 4 x 10 cabinet but I used the Champ with all of the effects turned off with the Bass on about 4-5 and the treble on abou…

Banks Don’t “Lend” Money

Web Site disappeared Memory Hole?

Banks Don’t “Lend” Money

A must read.

Frameworks of Understanding. ( Mine as it developed.)

I have found since starting to become actively interested in these matters 3 years ago my own view had changed considerably and the signposts to a critical analysis of the current system seem more in evidence now. Whether this is because my own framework of understanding is more developed or because I am now just finding what I am looking for because I have a predisposed bias to finding what I want to find I don’t know I was involved in an online discussion about House prices on the Motley fool web site back in Feb 2009, My thinking has changed hugely and its an interesting read both the Cliff Dárcy article and the discussion that follows.
I am optimistic that peoples openness to hearing alternative views is increasing, I think people sense something is badly up and although the current culture is for quick solutions in a 2 minute sound bite 101 and thats all you ne…