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The shame of the AV referendum.

I'm still gutted that AV didn't get the nod at the referendum in the UK, to be honest that was the best the LIB DEMS had to offer their toadying to the LAd Cameron and Boy Gideon and conversion to mainstream fascism seems almost complete.

Wrote this to a friend at the time I haven't changed my mind I'm just surprised that a year later or even two some times one loses track that I feel even more strongly about it now.

Nigeria? who knows take your Pick Mike a vote for AV would give some hope that the UK doesn't misuse our Armed forces for this East India Company type of expeditionism for the creation of debt and money. The armed forces should be for our sovereign defence and homeland security not to further the profits of Haliburton, Carlyle and so on and to provide more fuel for the orgy of speculation masquerading as an efficient provision of a means of exchange. I'm boning up on my political economy at the moment sometimes I wish I had had the academic background and presence of mind to read Greats. Nothing to stop me now so I'm having a ball that's the beauty of the internet it is the greatest library in the world and if you have the inclination you can guide your own learning through learning first which questions to ask. Turning off our televisions and looking for books and articles and discussions in Blogs on the internet is the path to greater knowledge I think. Up to a point the internet reflects the real world and its descent into ignorance and apathy but there is a rich seam just below the surface a kind of Internet of collegiate civility where substance counts more than superficial style I think it is from here that the ideas will be recovered to inform future generations to get us back on track Education in Schools is an indoctrination not an enlightenment people are unhappy and they know it but don't realise why. This morning I was reading about the Game Laws in the late 17th and 18th centuries its remarkable how disassociated we have become from our social history and the shaping of our society into the dysfunctional design of today you can imagine my surprise to find that by definition I am Anarchist and not a Capitalist? The question should be by who's definition and why do the two words carry such strong associations of one good the other bad? Great stuff meanwhile Vote for AV force another election and get rid of this Lad Cameron he knows the rules of the game only to well but in his game the off side rule only applies to the opposition and the second 11 is so because it simply isn't given Bats with Handles and suitable protection around the nether regions to make a fair game.For second 11 read the shrinking and soon to be extinct middle classes thats just about everybody with an income of less than 100k a year and a net worth of i'd say around 750k or less. If you want representation vote for AV the other lot represent only your employers where those employers are large corporations that is and it is only through AV you have any hope of a representative government that will represent the needs of the population as a whole.

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