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Classic One I was going to write a limerick it seems to have all the ingreidients . Gidoen MP for Tatton funny his site doesn’t mention Eton.
HIs wife wrote a novel called the Bolter it seems. Not about indegestion from wolfing down the odd Pasty.
At Cambridge with Millibands Wifey too, yep these assholes sure know how to keep it in the Family.
Tatton late of Martin Bell and prior to that the media darlings Neil and Christine Hamilton.
Tatton MP George Osborne claimed £47 expenses for DVDs of his speech on “value for taxpayers’ money”

You really couldn’t make it up Ian.

An old etonian Toff
was often noted to scoff
Whilst Brosiering His dame
Economical Actualite IS the name of the game

I’ll tax the upper Crust off your pasty
now your all Fagging for me
I always preferred Cheshire PorkY Pies
In Cuisine and in Deed you see.

Home ( Home Truths. Blood and Stones. Stoicism Moi!

letting it go and being at peace is exactly what I need to do. The Filing penalty really is annoying it is based on nothing a pure chancers piss in the wind, I literally do not have a bank account any more and do not wish to have one I am interested in participating as little as possible in the consumer machine, there is plenty left in the world without all of that and I am finding it rather more fulfilling for me personally.

I watched this film yesterday hadn't seen it before the Wikipedia article particularly the talk section is quite interesting it was made in 2009, Released then anyhow a lot of it is very good there is an ironic streak shot through as it is funded by a French luxury brands corporation. The films overall message chimes with my own life philosophy but it ultimately is wooly and shot through with Goreisms a la an inconvienient truth. The truth is indeed uncomfortable but corporations pushing luxury brands are chief amongst those who would obscure it as [b]Turkeys…

Sale of RBS

This Bank should be fully nationalised regionalised and along wiht the other government banks used as a new base for issuing debt free or at least ethical interest rates for both savers and borrowers. Government does not have to borrow in the Markets as they are euphemistically called, this is an abrogation of their responsibilities to the common wealth. The sooner there's a revolution the better peacefull of course how about a British Spring.

He would say that wouldn't he!

On Dawkins I couldn't answer for what consensus with New age hippies is my objection to him and other mainstream academic scientists is their clinging to conventional modes of thought essentially Platonic and empirical Matthew arnold, John Ruskin, Thomas Paine are more in my line of country and this guy also this quote he gives from Albert Einstein who has been horribly misrepresented and badly served with lesser people hitching a lift on his broad intellectual shoulders.

I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i. e., on continuous structures. In that case nothing remains of my entire castle in the air gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics. -- Albert Einstein

The other bloke was the Nobber guy I posted his standing wave video he has a programme still on the I player about cold fusion, well he along with Dawkins reject the thought of people like Maurice Cotterall completely ignore th…

The shame of the AV referendum.

I'm still gutted that AV didn't get the nod at the referendum in the UK, to be honest that was the best the LIB DEMS had to offer their toadying to the LAd Cameron and Boy Gideon and conversion to mainstream fascism seems almost complete.

Wrote this to a friend at the time I haven't changed my mind I'm just surprised that a year later or even two some times one loses track that I feel even more strongly about it now.

Nigeria? who knows take your Pick Mike a vote for AV would give some hope that the UK doesn't misuse our Armed forces for this East India Company type of expeditionism for the creation of debt and money. The armed forces should be for our sovereign defence and homeland security not to further the profits of Haliburton, Carlyle and so on and to provide more fuel for the orgy of speculation masquerading as an efficient provision of a means of exchange. I'm boning up on my political economy at the moment sometimes I wish I had had the academic backgrou…

Comedy and Performance activism.


The tar distraction in Alberta Canada is a disgrace This guy was interviewed by an interviewer I have listened to a lot Sue Supriano of steppin out of Babylon.

Lately I have listened to a lot more Lecture material from Noam Chomsky and others but Sues interviews have been a great pointer to a lot of issues I spent the first 45 years of my life only vaguely aware of and in a lot of cases completely ignorant of. On Climate Change I am not convinced that the Co2 narrative has the same objective as published I think the subtext is related to opening up a new type of commodity for use as a FIAT monetary base and any environmental aspects are secondary to any motivation of those who could implement them.( The Economic crisis and the rise of technocratic government hijack is at its core bound tooth and claw to the strangulation of the money supply by banks to promote their theft of real assets a…

The Knowable? Beliefs Knowledge Truth ?

On the knowable Palto gave us socrates and his allagory of the cave. Hannah barabarra gave us thats my Mommy.
So what beliefs do we hold that do not stand up to an objective test of certain knowledge? In this cartoon I see Tom as the State and Corporate Crony capitalism.

sapere aude - Wiktionary

sapere aude - Wiktionary: "sapere aude

Wikipedia has an article on:
Sapere aude
Contents  [hide]
1 Latin
1.1 Etymology
1.2 Phrase
1.2.1 Usage notes
1.2.2 References

It is from the epithet of a parable, explaining that a fool waits for the stream to stop before crossing, while a wise man forgoes comfort and crosses anyway.
The original use seems to be in Epistle II of Horace's Epistularum liber primus[1]: Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude ("He who has begun is half done: dare to know!").
sapere aude
"Dare to know"
"Dare to be wise"
"Have courage to use your own reason", in the context of committing to tasks that need to be embarked upon, however unpleasant or awkward.
[edit]Usage notes
Immanuel Kant described it as the motto of the Enlightenment in his essay "What Is Enlightenment?".
It is a frequently used motto for academic institutions."

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