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Positive Money Forum • View topic - People here are misunderstanding modern banks #WAYBACK MACHINE ) Lazarus Post.Update)

Positive Money Forum • View topic - People here are misunderstanding modern banks:( Link no longer works)
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Courtesy of Way Back Machine a Link to this old discussion.
Google Doctor Mike Haywood and subscribe to his news letter and Rush out for Ry Cooders new album, another track John Lee Hooker for president, Fantastic.

HomeAll Forums Last visit was: Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:58 pm • All times are UTCBoard indexGeneral DiscussionChange font sizePrint view People here are misunderstanding modern banks 119 posts • Page 1 of 12 • 12345 ... 12 People here are misunderstanding modern banksby judderbar » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:46 am It is incorrect to say that banks print digital money. If the bank creates any money then somebody somewhere *must* be 'happy' to be *owed* money. You can for e…

Send the Banks to the Wall

Take a break to read this article. There are serious problems in our Economic System , take a look at Positive Money to see some of the various solutions, Cameron Osbourne and Clegg and the Labour opposition are all wedded to the status quo start asking each other the question what the hell is all this about, why should there be such turmoil to line the pockets of the Corporate and Government classes. Mish quotes from a UBS paper talking f Civil unrest, Civil war, Authoritative or Military Government. If we want to hang on to anything resembling democracy, freedom of choice and self reliance start by doing something today change bank to a mutual, The COOP makes a lot of sense, when the shit hist the Fan which it will it will be more likely that those institutions will not have ran off with your money-, the other lot have already destroyed the bulk of ordinary peoples wealth in the UK make no mistake it is the fault of the Investment Bankers and the Corporate Politicians a rotten bunch…