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Who ate all the pies

I am on a number of internet mailing list including one from the US from the institute of Public Finance, there is a link to their web site in my Gravatar.

Anyway I got an e-mail today with a reading Group summary of a current study book and a summary of key points from Ellen Browns book Web of debt.

I have been chewing over the notions of Perceptions and realities the past few weeks and particularly the idea of Happiness and contentment. Perceptions it seems to be are groomed in us through modern marketing which has a very particular narrative even from the alternative side of the tracks take Quorn and Vegitarianism for instance.
We try to over complicate or overstate and we try to elevate and objectify to distinguish and almost deify we strive to become branded by belonging in an associsiation with the bling and and the branded and pristine and the soundbite slogan Colgate Ring of confidence ( Sleepers Awake ) Blackhorses gallopping in…

Linux, And how it works, How it works!

Re: Linux. How it RogergLewis on Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:17 am Greta Thread this,

I have been recording my trials and tribulations getting Linux to work on my Acer Aspire one Net book with upgrade Ram of 2GB and an external Soundblaster sound card.

I hav'de Reaper and amplitube live installed on windows 7 on this machine previously and the machine kept crashing the drives the CPU,s were running at Meltdown and playing hard and live was just not possible.

I experimented with Linux at the beginning of the year but went for the easy route with Windows 7 previously this netbook came with XP installed and I basically broke that, windows Blue screens and eventually a complete unrebootable mess. I installed windows 7 from scratch and then also with VMware had a bunch of virtual machines ru…

Crossroads, Linux, legacy Blues.

I have changed my Net book to a Linux operating Systemm called Obuntu. I have been very impressed with the DAW Reaper but found that windows 7 just used to much processing power. Getting Stealth Plug to run in linux is proving a challenge 2 days in and still not finished but the
possibilities look promising.
I decided to do this as the Amp models in Reaper are very good including a Dumble overdrive and a JTM45 the JTM 45 is fantastic. Anyway I stopped for a bit of noodling plugged straight into the MGFX15 it is a fantastic little amp, They are very popular in studios particularly with the Metal crowd,
Chris Dude reckons they are the best thing to get your Pinched Harmonics working.
Anyway I uploaded this from a Linux based video player and picture editor. 3 tunes Romeo and Juliet, I have stuck with the open tuning I prefer the harmonies that way even though the original is in open g with the Capo its much easier to play that way but I prefer the freedon'm of open tuning for my ow…

AN Unholy and un mitigated Mess.

In the mad hatters tea party that is Cameron World I find that it is now possible to be depressed and manic at the same time without the aid of artificial stimulants of any sort. My panacea for the Nations mental health Prescribe a MAC any Mac but not a Big MAc, the OSX variety, of Mr Jobs variety. Alternatively  Linux.
I intalled a linux system that can run alongside windows called Jollicloud yesterday and it runs very well on this puny Net book I couldn't get wine the interface that allows windows based programmes to run on Linux systems but will keep trying and have been playing with ubuntu as well. Windows is very bad for mental health and time wasting, Linux or Mac, its the way forward to a freer better world and democracy.

That and This.

This part of the unholy mess has kind of become eclipsed in my reading of the soveriegn debt crisis which of course is its first cousin if not sibling.

My own …

Democracy 2011

Democracy 2011 

Pontificate, Certificate, Defecate.
Agitate, Aggregate,, Obviscate.
Repudiate, Obviate,Opiate,
Satiate Fascist Hate


Pontious Pilate, Judas Kiss
Politics of envy, Divide and Rule
3 legged Milking Stool
Mushroom Clouded vision
Dark Room
No Hope
Fed Shite

Ponzi State, Economic Bubble
Death of Ethics, No Spiritual Revolution
Satanic Absolution, Hypocritical Contortion.
Legalised Extortion.

Keep in Unstable , Wear your skin like Sable
3 legged stools and uphill tables
Tables turned and loyalties spurned
Dark Room, No hope , Fed SHITE!



I have  become increasingly indignant and the past few weeks I have been giving in to rage
and yesterday ANGER. I had to let it out and just wrote down the words above.
I then  spoke them into my Camera and sang a few songs I scribbled the words in pencil on the back of a song I have been learning I  couldn't find my Note pad. The Song was RAT TRAP b…