Tuesday, 7 June 2011

If the world was a Village of 100?

This very powerful Video was just on Swedish Childrens Television so i thought I'd see if was on You Tube. Sure enough. Nothing really further to Add.( there are several ) I'm not quibbling on the absolutes here the Ballpark is not a very democratic or even one!



Heres a rebutal or quibble of figure on Snopes.com,



I'm not sure what the point of the rebuttal is, being pedantic is fun I guess? It is a sad fact that no one really ever thinks they're well off we are not programmed that way anymore? Similarly democracy is a subjective measure as is Housing quality sanitation etc.

Such a complex subject when you get into it if democracy were hand in hand with Capitalism would the Sick and dispossessed be given a vote? If there were an equal vote I find it difficult to believe the Worlds aggregate population would vote for the maintenance of the status quo.

I decided to blog this as I have been having a disturbing discussion on the Economist linked in Group
and it seems that thinking in terms of equality is somehow considered wet or suspect in corporate , striving commercial circles these days, May be its always been that way, its so long since I trod the corporate treadmill I really don't remember. I have a vision of lots of Emperors walking around Starkers with all their minions congratulating on the wonderful tailoring of their new Suits?

Democracy and Capitalism? Linked In

Welcome to The Anthropocene.