Monday, 30 May 2011

A post about Spin

I think personally that most of the above analysis misses the point Labour has to be handed back to the Grass roots and the corporate agenda and tactics of spin abandoned. New Labour New Tories New Lib Dem they are as we see in America all lobbyist fodder now.
Local Labour Parties should re select all member and perspective candidates and establish their own media outlet free of contributions or any patronage on the Internet. Give the ideas and policies back to the membership for the people.
The concept of , “If you cant beat them join them” has not worked the wholesale adoption of the Precautionary Principle over rational discussion has divorced our Government from the people. What the Labour Party Has to do is divorce itself from the game of Spin and PR and try some good old fashioned truth and real democracy.
People will soon catch on, acquiescing in the continued Hijack of government by the Corporate State what Mrs Thatcher ( Then) used to Call GB Limited is a busted Flush.
There is a need for real Radicalism to find the real solutions to our Political Economy.
I think a Walk out or some sort of disruption of the Business of the House of commons should be devised to demonstrate the lack of validity to what we call our Government.
More smoked filled rooms and beer a sandwiches less of the Latte and Croissant’s more substance and less packaging this whole Brand leveraging nonsense has to stop.
May 8, 2011 at 4:45 pm 

I found a google search of my Gravataar address threw up some posts in various blog discussions that I had made, I'm just refreshing my memory of some old reference points
and ideas so I can revisit and re interpet.
As Lord Keynes said, "If the facts change then so might my opinion" ( approx recollection)