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I wrote this to A friend but its really a letter to everyone who is interested in just one small Journey through Life

Hi Roy,

I bought quite a few copies of Maverick in a remainder shop in Greenwich and gave them to staff and clients other business associates too.

I was in the property Business I had a Residential and Commercial Estate Agency/consultancy in London Docklands and A group of development companies which I disposed of between 2000 and 2005
I built up my business from 1990 to 2000 and concentrated soley on my development and investment companies from 1997 to 2003. I always kept my teams very small and had a large extended organisation of professional advisors who were employed specific to individual projects my intention was never to create some sort of Business Empire my sole objective was very narrow in that I wanted to soley make Money and get out. I really didn't enjoy the experience It made me very selfish and ultimately very ill although Financially it made me independant. My Business career showed me the worse of human greed in myself and also in my business partners investors …

Collection of Posts in the BBC News Business blog of Robert Peston And Stephanie Flanders

Guitar as Therapy. Mine saves me from the greedy Bank

I have been studying guitar seriously now for a year since I moved to Sweden from the Uk. I took it up in 2003 and played casually and with increased interest as the time has passed since then. In conjunction with my increased interest in the guitar, I have also become more interested in Guitar Technology both analogue and digital and my interests have climaxed in an obsession now with Hexaphonic pickups, Guitar Modelling, Amp modelling and DSP.  My conversion to a total commitment to learning guitar properly came by way of the epiphany of seeing Howerd morgen play chord melodies which awoke a slumbering interest I had always had in the direction of jazz the richness of the harmonies and melodic lines Howerd was demonstrating fixed for me the idea of where my musical journey needed to head.  My partner is a classically trained composer and clarinetist this has been a great leveller in terms of a real appreciation of my musical knowledge and aptitude in relation to a real life exempla…